LangeTwins 90 Point Gewurztraminer (4)

LangeTwins 90 Point Gewürztraminer 4-Pack
Sold by: LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards
$49.99 $100.00 50% off List Price
2015 LangeTwins Gewürztraminer, Clarksburg

Not much in the specs…just TA…what about residual sugar…PH? Is this a dry or sweet? Anybody have this before? We enjoy this style, but we have no knowledge of this particular item. Tempted to just “go for it”, but SWMBO isn’t happy that I grabbed a much of the Wellington from the beginning of the month…LOL

More information. “Dry” – and, btw, “Half-off” is a slight exaggeration. Stay thirsty, mi amigos.

Unless you can find somewhere in that post that they will ship it to you at no cost, the exaggeration, if any, is very slight. In making such comparisons, you need to remember that the woot price includes shipping.

The Wine Enthusiast review:
90 POINTS Editors’ Choice

This lush and aromatic wine has beautiful rose-petal aromas and vibrant grapefruit flavors that spread across the palate and linger nicely on the finish. Rather full bodied, it is rich enough to serve with strong cheeses and roasted birds. 12/01/2016


Did they rename the wine after their WE score? :tongue:

Hi! Some more detail for you - RS= .53 g/L, TA= 6.4, pH= 3.54

Any lab rats available to chime in on this one? Price is great but I’m curious about the QPR.