LangeTwins Estate Sauvignon Blanc (6)

LangeTwins Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$59.99 $114.00 47% off List Price
2015 LangeTwins Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Musqué Clone, Lodi

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Sorry for the super late posting but have been busy traveling this weekend. I have been buying wine from WW since 2009 and it has been 7 years since my first and only grape debater (lab rat back then). Thank you Wine David for the opportunity to lend my opinion on this wine. This happens to be right up my alley, but from my numerous wine purchases, you already knew that. I tend to stick with dry, crisp and unfunky. I do not lean towards more fruity or floral but if the wine is crisp enough, that would not be a turn-off for me. This bottle is pale straw in color and nose is very subtle and mild with just hints of citrus fruits. The taste is crisp, tart and not too dry with no sweetness at all. The finish is short with some slight minerality. I had this with some chipolte salmon and it was a great pairing; clean and crisp. I wouldn’t call this a summer sipper; it has more character than that, but innocuous at the same time. This wine would be great when having guests for dinner and you are just not sure about their white wine tastes. Unless their tastes are for super sweet Reislings, most will like this clean, fresh wine.

Thank you for the notes!

Thank you for the great notes. Sounds perfect for me as long as there is no oak. Can this be confirmed??