LangeTwins Nouveau Red Wine (6)

LangeTwins Nouveau Red Wine 6-Pack
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2016 LangeTwins Nouveau Red Wine, Lodi, California

So is this like a rose?


I was selected as a Grape Debater for this wine. It is a unique wine and definitely one worth buying. I quite enjoyed it.

I was expecting rose with this wine but it skewed more beaujolais nouveau. It has richness, complexity, and depth that I didn’t expect when I took my first sip.

It was a beautiful color-- brilliant ruby red in the glass with a floral nose. I drank it chilled. I had it in the fridge but pulled it out an hour or so before I opened it up.

Upon tasting the wine, I got a lot of red fruit-- strawberry, raspberry, and juicy cherry.

The Nouveau Red has nice acidity and is quite food friendly. This would pair nicely with Easter or Thanksgiving dinner-- ham, turkey, chicken, salmon, etc. I enjoyed it with salmon and then drank the leftover wine the next day with pizza.

This is a fun wine and very quaffable. I definitely suggest picking some up.

More like a Beaujolais Nouveau I imagine.

Thank you for the notes, looks like something a little different.

Thanks for trying the wine! It is a unique style, but very versatile. Cheers!

I live in PA and am over 21. I wish you would update your records. I have been ordering wine from other sites, it’s been legal for several years now.

This wine falls somewhere between a Rosé and a red. It can be served chilled down or at room temperature. The wine is made from Old Vine Zinfandel (100+ year old vines), so even when chilled it still has a bit of richness.

Thanks for your note. I just learned that PA is not approved for woot/amazon. However, we can ship to PA direct from our winery. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in this offer -

Kansas is listed as a state the wine can be shipped to, but on check-out is says it can’t be shipped to Kansas?

Sorry about that. It’s been fixed.

Yes, the wine is similar in style to Beaujolais Nouveau.

Just tried to purchase again with delivery to Kansas, still not accepted for this.