Lanterns, Pillows, and Decor! Oh MY!

all the burlap just sneaks up on you.

Perching bird will keep guard!

I bought the burlap apron in an earlier Woot sale. It smelled! It was very itchy! Its construction was weird. On the other hand, it had french writing, ooh la la. I recommend you avoid this!

have you tried hand washing it? I’ve heard that on gentle cycle burlap can be washed, but with leave behind a lot of lint and treat it like wool when it comes to heat!

I just picked one up for a friend, so I’m hoping it can be cleaned up if it’s really that bad.

I wish I had seen your post before I bought the BURLAP apron! Quickest woot delivery ever, but it’s awful. Smells just like the gunny sacks in my Grandpa’s barn and so scratchy. The woot picture does not represent the product at all; it looked more like linen, so I thought “French” burlap must be very fine. I guess burlap is burlap the world over and they air-brushed the photo.

This is horrible product. I just received it and it’s ugly looking and poor quality! I wish I could return it!

Perhaps someone you know is moving and could use a housewarming present. :wink:

re-gifting is a virtue.

I had good luck resolving my dissatisfaction with this apron by contacting woot service. Try it!

The pictures of the burlap items are far nicer than the actual product.

I just received two burlap pillows and the list price of $49.99 has to be a joke.

They were overpriced at $9.00, not even considering the shipping.

If you want to make the pillows look nicer, replace the lumpy white insert that came with them.

I gently ironed the cover on the synthetic setting, and replaced the insert with a $5.97 chocolate-brown microfibre pillow from Walmart. It still does not look like the Woot! picture, but it is an improvement.