LaPazz 8”x6” USB Graphic Tablet



La pass… It’s not bad but it’s not a wacom!
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how good would this be for isketch? The last tablet sold out before I could get one.




I just bought a Wacom off Amazon for $57.70 with shipping - otherwise I might consider this. How is the brand?


I’ve never bought or used a tablet before and use photoshop and illustrator quite a bit for custom invitations. Is it a good thing to have?


Seems like lots of artists have one - that’s why I got mine. If you like the idea of using drawing skills with your programs, then I’d say yes.


BTW I don’t think I can handle that woot-off anymore!


Wacom or nothing!


LaPazz 8”x6” USB Graphic Tablet
$29.99 + $5 shipping


graphic table are very nice …cheap back-up

iam going to get on and keep it at work


If nothing else, it’s a good price to figure out if it’s something you’d want to have. I don’t do enough custom stuff to warrant it… although I have a Wacom and another cheapy I picked up on another site. If nothing else, they are useful for doing a trace – draw something out and then trace over it – instead of having to mess around with the scanner. Gives your hand a break from the mouse too.


for $35 what the heck?


For this kind of technology at this time it’s a very good deal. I have a Genius 8x6 that came with similar specs, pressure sensitive stylus and a mini-mouse (which I couldn’t figure out how to work, too lazy to check documentation to care) and it works beautifully. $50 on the if you know what I mean. This is a good deal too, but I don’t know anything about the brand. Definitely worth a try unless you’re willing to spend the extra $20 on the better brand (I say that because the Genius is a top brand).


for $35, you’re right. I just ordered one.


Now if I could just get a Bag of Crap from the woot-off, I’d be all set!




Can you use this with handwriting recognition programs?

Like taking notes at a meeting and then having the computer type them??


If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of Wacom did you get? $57.70 from Amazon sounds very reasonable.


Bamboo (the one without the software and mouse) - quite the deal considering Best Buy has that exact package for $79.99, and the Wacom site has it for $70 or so

EDIT: Odd, I just bought it a couple days ago, and it was $48 + shipping (didn’t qualify for free because it’s from another seller through Amazon). Just checked, now it qualifies for free shipping but is $58.74 - Looks to me like they added the cost of shipping and a little extra and put it as free shipping now…