Laptop Blowout Insanity!!!



Does anyone know if the Lenovo ThinkPad X220T would be a good tablet to use for illustrating? Normal drawings and such


I have an HP tablet with pen input, the Elitebook 2740p. Drawing with the pen is incredibly handy at times, unlocking creative potential more than Wacom tablets can. It is just intuitive to pick up your pen and start drawing on the screen. That being said, Wacom tablets are much more precise. They can sense pen tilt, something tablet computers can’t do.

Now to answer your question, if the Thinkpad X220T is a good tablet for drawing, it isn’t. The X220s have finicky sensors that go crazy when the pen is by the edge of the screen. Selecting different tools in Photoshop is difficult because the tools are placed by the edge. When drawing a long path, the sensors can cause the pen to move all over the place, messing up the complex path you were drawing. My tablet doesn’t have this problem because there’s a bezel around the screen.

My suggestion is to get the Microsoft Surface Pro. I’ve heard the pen on it is every good.


So the 15" Thinkpad that is being sold has a lower resolution screen than the 14"!? And it COSTS MORE!

Does Woot take us for idiots?

Always follow the rule for screen size and resolution: go with the smallest screen with the highest resolution.


I am not an illustrator, but the Wacom stylus works well on my x61t.

I know someone who uses the x220t for doing SketchNotes live at conferences using the Wacom stylus and SketchBook Pro (@sachac).


I bought a similar X220T when Woot had it 2 months ago. Mine did not come with the webcam, but the rest of the specs are the same. However, I bought a really nice clip on HD cam that looks great and sounds better than the built in mic. I will say this is one fast laptop. I loaded Windows 8 Pro on it and it flies. It cold boots to login in about 10 seconds. I still plan to at least upgrade the memory to 8 GB.

The things I like:
-Bright Screen
-Full size keys on keyboard
-Touchscreen is great with Win 8
-Lots of ports

The things I do not like:
-It is still about 4 lb for an ultrabook size laptop
-Display Port rather than HDMI
-Touchpad tends be non-responsive at times
-Touchscreen edges did not work well with pen.
-Touchscreen edges
-Battery life is short because of i7

Overall, I am happy with it because of the performance and will probably use it a couple years. However, if things like battery life and camera quality are important, then I’d look for something else.


Personally, I would take the more expensive one. I don’t like 1440x900 resolution. It’s weird. Also, bigger harddrive, LED backlit monitor, HD 3000 as opposed to just HD graphics, HDMI port, new vs refurb, just to name a few of my preferences.


I’m looking for a business school laptop, and the T410 seems on its face to have what I need to quickly run multiple big excel sheets, presentations, etc at the same time. Is there some downfall to this bad boy (besides being ugly and a little heavy) that I’m not seeing?


T Series laptops are the system I sell 90% of the time for work, this one is 2 generations old, however I still use a T series from this generation every day myself (T510 on my desk and a X220 I take on the road). These things are built like tanks.

That being said, the latest models can be had for ~ 2x the price, however that would be new, include 3 years of warrantee w/ accidental damage protection if done correctly and with the right timing.

Really a tough choice, and I’m probably not helping much. Bottom line, it’s a great system, will do excel spreadsheets all day long, won’t run hot, is a beauty in my opinion, still has the best keyboard that they ever made (changed on the _30 generation). I don’t think you will regret this one.


Totally unbiased semi-insider opinion: T-Series Thinkpads are the standard-issue Amazon staff PC laptop, and they stand up very well both to constant lugging around to meetings and on the road, and to the typical Amazon employee’s eight-things-at-once workload.


HP Pavilion G7-2233CL Laptop, 17.3

Pro’s & Con’s what do you guys think? I browse youtube, message boards and read research. some times watch a program but basic utility. Curious what people think since I am not a computer aficionado :-{"


Windows 8 update has expired. So no low cost update to 8.


im looking at this laptop.
HP Pavilion DV7-7115NR Laptop, 17.3" HD+ BrightView LED, AMD A8-4500M Quad-Core 1.9GHz, 8GB DDR3, 750GB SATA, Blu-ray, Beats Audio, TripleBass Reflex Subwoofer, HDMI, 3 USB 3.0, 802.11n, W7HP

$520.00 dose any one know if i would have a port for the old diel up telephone cord? as i use both the old and new bepending where im working. thanks David


There is no dialup port.


Lenovo T410 has RJ11 modem jack beside RJ45 Ethernet port in rear.


With 8GB DDR3 memory and a SATAIII 6Gbps SSD, a Lenovo T410 is quite a screamer!


I’m going to wait for the EXTREME Laptop Blowout Insanity. Probably gonna be sometime next week I hear. It’s gonna be OTH!


HP Refurbished 17.3" Pavilion dv7-7115nr Laptop PC

Same price at Walmart seems to have a better processsor than the one listed on woot

AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M accelerated processor
2.80GHz, 4MB L2 Cache


Any idea when my 17in hp with bluray will ship? It’s a gift for my mom who spilled wine on her last laptop… Don’t judge my moms woot!


While often faster, we ask that you allow up to 5 business days for processing and shipping out. Thanks!