Laptop O' The Mornin' To Ya

I bought one of the Split x2’s on Black Friday, the i5 edition. I honestly don’t think I would recommend it at all as a tablet (which I’ve mostly been using it as) because this sucker’s heavy. It’s really nice to watch movies on and things, but it’s hard to use as a tablet on it’s own. I haven’t played with the dock much, but the best way to describe it is that I feel like I’m carrying around a slab of a tablet when I use it.

It IS well made, at least, and gorgeous. The sound is awesome. But the 13.3’’ length is really, really weird. Using it as a tablet, it makes everything super long when used vertically and it’s less than ideal. I can’t imagine using it like a Nook or an iPad in that sense.

I honestly don’t know if I would recommend it. I actually plan on taking my Split x2 back to get the Asus Transformer Book. The Split was just too overkill, too heavy, and too unwieldy for what I wanted. I’m hoping the Transformer Book can tide me over until we get something like the Split x2, except in a better aspect ratio, and with more ports/accessibility/better battery life.

pleasantly surprised by the actual range in prices (cheap ones all the way up to awesome ones)
I mean usually these sales end up lopsided

Samsung chromebook include 2 yrs 3g service like on Amazon?

Yes, indeed. It comes with 2 yrs of Verizon.

Good question!

Seems like that alone would make this a great deal–new it’s $380 on amazon. Doing my rough math, if 100 MB is worth $10/month, that’s $240 of value there, and another $10 for the refurb chromebook.

Does this also include the 12 Gogo in flight internet passes, as listed on Amazon and the Samsung sites?

Question about the Asus VivoBook S500CA-RSI5T02: On the specs under display the product lists “HD LED-backlit noneTouchscreen [sic],” yet on the Features page, “HD LED-backlit Touchscreen,” is listed. Could I get some clarification on this?

Never fear, touchscreen is here.

It was a typo. It has touchscreen.

I’d be careful with refurb Asus. I’ve bought a refurb tablet and laptop that both have had bios issues. The laptop was less than a month ago and it wouldn’t even boot out of the box. When I contacted their support which isn’t particularly easy, I got a bit of a run around when I told them I purchased it from woot. Just as I was about to contact woot and told Asus that, I got the oh yes your laptop is covered under a 90-day warranty.
On the tablet, the bios will not update so I cannot update Android. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until after the 90 days, and Asus won’t do anything.
I buy a lot of refurb stuff and by far they have been the most difficult. I’ve had HP replace a refurb computer that had a problem after the warranty period and never even asked for them to do it. Microcenter has been very helpful too.
Asus on the other hand I practically had to hit over the head to just do what they’re supposed to and they wouldn’t even help on something they should have too.
I’ll never buy another Asus product again (new, refurb, or given to me free) which is a shame because I really like the tablet otherwise. Companies should know that after the sale cust serv goes a long way towards repeat customers. I’ve got 4 cars all from the same manufacturer because of the service after the sale I’ve received.

I have a question regarding the Lenovo W-510 quad core laptop:

Do you know what the machine type/model is on that? (it’ll be a four digit number and a three charecter alphanumeric on the laptop’s product label.)


I pinged our buyers to see if we have this info.

UPDATE: 4389-ab8

Can this computer be hooked up to a television?

Many TVs now have VGA ports, so if yours does, then yes. Otherwise make sure your TV and the laptop you’re considering have HDMI ports.

That depends on the computer and the TV. Speaking for the gallery here, we need some more information to give you a good answer, such as the computer model, and the TV model.

Speaking in general, if the TV and computer have the same connecters, the answer is yes. There are converter cables that will take DVI (or displayport) output and put it to HDMI or VGA. If the TV only has component or composite(ugh!) inputs, you’ll need a converter box. If the only thing the TV will accept is antenna in (which means you are already using a digital converter box; I haven’t seen a TV with antenna in as the sole input in nearly 15 years!) then you should really look at getting a new TV. :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me if the lenovo t410 has a webcam with the light?

It does not have a webcam.

I will NEVER buy another laptop from another WOOT sale like this. my son saved up his allowance to buy his first laptop. He was ecstatic when he saw the HP Compaq 6910p Notebook on WOOT for $200. I thought it would be a perfect starter computer for him. We were both so excited for his first computer. After a few weeks it showed up, if it was refurbished, I couldn’t tell. It looks like any numerous pieces of crap I find in a dumpster behind my local computer store.

Here is a list of disappointments that led to his epiphany of being ripped off.

  1. Lid is broken, cracked, splitting apart from other side of bevel, wouldn’t even close, let alone sit on the laptop right.

  2. The bottom of case is scratched up so bad any of the three Windows decals are unreadable. Yes three, a Windows 98 serial decal, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 serial decal. The laptop is supposed to have Windows 7 Pro according to the paperwork they sent.

  3. Screen has a large scratch across it, and numerous dead pixels. Could see the dead pixels when we got a blue screen on boot.

  4. Disc drive does not open, it is jammed by something inside it.

  5. It doesn’t boot up, does not get past bios most of the time, every once and a while it will POST then we get a blue screen prior to quick shut down.

  6. Head phone jack and power supply ports are EXTREMELY loose connections, have to wiggle and prop up the power supply cord to get it to charge. Don’t know if headphone jack even works since it won’t boot.

  7. Plug for power supply both prongs are bent together and pinched severely, I attempted to gently bend them back and one broke. By the look of the metal, you can see the fresh broken metal and the metal thats been broken and exposed for a while.

I called the phone number on the paperwork 12 times and sent them 6 not angry emails so far and have yet to get a response. I am canceling the charge on my credit card and filling a fraud case.

Of all the things I’ve bought from WOOT, this is SO INCREDIBLY disappointing. This is a $200 lesson to my children of disappointment and being ripped off by an online company.

I am sorry to say I am going to be overly cautious before buying anything from WOOT again.

I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m not sure whether you contacted the manufacturer or woot, but I’d like to take a look into things for you. Can you please PM me with the order number?

PM sent

We’re very sorry to hear that you received the order in the condition you described.

Please check your email inbox associated with your Woot account, a response has been sent to you by Woot Member Services.

We also recommend that you check the spam folder of your email provider, as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

Thank you for your ongoing patience while they attended to the issue.