Laptop O' The Mornin' To Ya

Dear Woot, please get more laptops with at least 1920x1080 resolution monitors.


Most people

I’ve passed your request on. :slight_smile:

What is the battery voltage 11.1 or 14.8?

Which item? Have you checked the manufacturer’s page? That’s where we’ll go first. Just a thought.

Didn’t realize this post covered them all, as I clicked though the model. Acer C710-2411 Not seeing it on Acer’s site.

4 GB max ram ? would have been a good buy otherwise

No problem. Sorry but all I’m finding is

Battery: 4-Cell Lithium-Ion (2500 mAh)

anyone know if the Asus X502CA-BI30705B-R can run Windows 7? I want to blow away the Win8 and load Windows 7.

While these Acers are decent laptops, if it’s important to anyone, Acer has a funny/inaccurate way of listing their video I/O ports. They routinely list their current range of laptops as having VGA and “Acer Converter Port” or Display Port. There is no direct VGA on any of the current models. Their “Acer Converter Port” is functionally a Display Port, for which you can buy a VGA adapter, (for ~$40), but how that enables them to claim they have a VGA port is a mystery, really a deception, that they need to be called on.

It would save everyone some time if manufacturers routinely showed clear views of the sides and backs of these laptops. It’s way more important to see where their rubber hits the road rather than all their silly beauty shots.

Do any of the Chromebooks include the Google Drive storage that brand new Chromebooks come with?

What is the deal with the keyboard on the V5-122P-0408!?

They put the quote mark above 2, moved the @ to where the quote mark should be, the # is in the wrong place… is this a UK-model laptop? The keyboard seems to be UK at least (has a pound sign on it).