Laptop O' The Mornin' To Ya

After ordering the UX31ARF-R5102F last time and being sent one with the wrong screen, I’m giving Woot the benefit of the doubt and have reordered it. I pray to the Woot deities that this order comes through correctly and that the return of the previous one is processed quickly so it doesn’t destroy my credit card.

This laptop doesn’t really have a resolution of 1900x600 does it? That seems crazy. Based on some googing I think it should be 1920x1080. Does anyone know for sure?

If you paid with a CC then use those powers…One call to your CC and POOF…your fine.

I have of the Full HD Zenbook I5’s w/128SSD.

It’s pretty sweet.

That said, these will NOT be powerhouses of a work laptop. They are “great power and extremely portable”. I dont charge mine for weeks and just leave it sleeping with the lid closed and it pops up ready to go in seconds every time.
(I have Win 8.1 on mine).

I enjoy typing on it and the screen is stunning to look at (mine is a NON touch model) with all that high resolution (1080p) crapped onto that tiny screen. Its ridiculously crisp and clear and REALLY bright in all conditions.

As far as being a workhorse…general office stuff, sure it will be great at this. I got it for extreme portability for photo editing. While it does a decent job, it just can’t handle the load of Lightroom after you get through a dozen photos or so, or have one with a massive amount of changes to it. I wanted it to have the awesome screen, some power and the size to toss in my camera bag for in-the-middle-of-nowhere editing. And while it delivers and does that job, I just wait until I get back to my office to do any real photo work on my desktop. For everything else, its so far been an awesome laptop though.

It’s design is top notch, built very well, I love the all aluminum design. Its very light and extremely stylish. I’ve had quite a few people ask me about what it is when out in public with it. It’s thin and light enough too that you can carry it along with a book, tablet, notepad, etc around the office and not weigh you down.

I use this as my go-to travel laptop (I also have a much larger more powerful laptop I use as well) and take it all over.

For $500 refurb price… you can’t beat it…these things are $1200+ new. Thats only a hundred or so more than a cheesy netbook or low end laptop and it’s truly a top of the line ultrabook.

Acer 11.6 inch full hd isn’t quite a deal. A brand new S7-191-6647 with a slightly more powerful processor (3337U 1.8GHz instead of 3317U 1.7Ghz)is only $9 more @ $787.99 with Prime shipping at Amazon: Acer 11.6 S7-191-6647

You are not alone, I ordered one and it came all scratched and with a dead battery. Unlike you however, I am not praying to anyone, I will probably look elsewhere for a laptop. Woot has come up with a way of fixing this which while does not leave me ecstatic, keeps me content.

Just a heads up to others on these refurbed laptops.

I bought one of the HP 11.6" TouchSmart last time around (Jan 2014) and it came with a dead “L” key. press it and it would just stay in and give you a generous amount of Ls until you could pry it back up.

So far i’ve bounced between HP and Woot and the problem is HP says their 90-day warranty began sometime in Oct 2013 (Probably when Woot bough them).

So by the time I bought it the 90-day was already expired.

No solution from Woot yet either, so it looks like it’s going to have to be a credit card charge back : (


Sorry to hear about the trouble; I poked CS to see if they can at least update you. Again, apologies for the delay.

Geez, that early in the morning I can’t read to good. Where are the 17" Laptops or did they slide off of the rainbow.

They are less desirable for mainstream audiences. I went from 15 up to a 17 and now I’m going down to a 13 so I’ll finally learn what size I like. I’m leaning towards 15 being the perfect size since you can fit a keyboard and numpad on them easily.

To be honest, I don’t think I ever want a 17 incher until they’re as thin as Razer Blade Pros.

I purchased a ASUS Zenbook on 2/20/2014 expecting delivery tomorrow per tracking info received a few moments ago from WOOT. Pretty quick I’d say.

As did I, except it says expected delivery Saturday (I don’t know if that’s an error or what) and that it just shipped today, unfortunately. I live in freakin’ Texas, I expected a quick turnaround. If it really does ship on Saturday, I’ll be so happy.

I ordered a HP 14" Dual-Core i5 ProBook (“refurbished”)- received it today, and the power cable has exposed wire and sparked in more than one place when it was plugged in. That is kind of disappointing, I must say! VERY DANGEROUS!!! Sure would be nice to have a working unit…

Sorry to hear that about your power adapter.

If you haven’t already, please write into and let them know what you received.
They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

I bought it and it’s pretty good. I hate the trackpad but everyone hates trackpads. Other than that, 8Gb ram, 500Gb hard drive, reasonably fast, and it has a decent touch screen. I’ve had problems adjusting to Windows 8 but that’s not the laptop’s fault.