Laptop Of Old Smokey



Compare and contrast these laptops! Will they do the job for a student? Small business? Let us know!


The Quad core i7 elitebook says dual core in the product page’s title. Just letting you know.




Finally have some laptops with backlit keyboards, but they only have DVD drives, not Blu-Ray :frowning:


Does anyone happen to know if any of these laptops would be suitable for turbocad?


That tablet PC would be pretty cool if it was upgraded to Windows 8!


i think the ones with firepro 5950 graphics are designed as workstations, check out reviews online. Look at benchmarks for the GPU, and ask google "will ____ GPU work with ____ " for programs.

It might not be the fastest GPU to crunch realtime numbers nowdays but I think it’s a suitable GPU for drafting/designing needs and an adequate compromise if you want a laptop. Look at current models too, but they will cost 2x or 3x more!! these are business class laptops, heavy hitters. NOT consumer class fall aparts.

NOTE!! These don’t have the business class warranty, consider and check if HP will extend it, because that’s part of the cost of a new one, great customer service (it’s above consumer level). Things like in-home service, next-day repair, etc… dells’ business warranty is awesome, HP’s is similar I think.

I almost bought one of these with an IPS screen fully specd out but ended up going with a desktop instead. should be very durable and customizable. go to HP’s site and have a look.

I don’t think these have IPS screens though, it would be good if they stated specifically what kind, TN, IPS…etc. HP uses acronyms for different screens that are manufacturer-specific so DreamColor should mean IPS, and I see nothing on the computer (little colorful pinwheel near the panel), nor in the description.

Woot mods, if these have IPS screens you would do well to specify, but it looks like none are. If I’m mistaken though, definitely tell us!


i7 in title i5 in description?? oopsie?


Thanks for the info. I’ve been googling and can’t find much about that graphics card and whether it works with the REDSDK implementation in turbocad. Turbocad support themselves couldn’t tell me and sent me a gigantic list of graphics cards which didn’t have the 5950 on there. I don’t use turbocad so I know little about it, I’m trying to get it as a gift but I’m having very little luck finding information on the web as to whether this particular computer plays nice with turbocad. Also I’m a mac guy so I have no idea about PCs.


you’re welcome, so the computer is a gift?

take a good look around or ask on a computer forum like perhaps. I don’t know for sure how GPU intensive those programs are but I know the setup was designed for…designers. heh.

I’m wary about the 90-day warranty though, no computer is perfect and that’s a short time. Part of the awesomeness with business units is the business warranty… aside from the ability to take lots more apart and customize them easier.

Here’s the current lineup to see how expensive these units can be (new of course…not refurb, old models, or 90day warranty units, go to their outlet to compare for older units, if available)


their site is good for reviews of laptops.


He didn’t get a quality post for this? That’s some BS!


Woot, double check your specs on the warranties. HP business class refurbished stuff typically has 1yr warranty. They do a stellar job too.


According to their website, it looks like the refurb warranty varies depending on seller.

Buying directly from the HP Business Outlet has a minimum 1yr warranty with the option to upgrade to 3yrs.


sounds about right, they make more selling direct probably, so it would make sense for the warranty to be better there.

As I said before though, if you buy or want one of these laptops, call HP and/or check their site for information on getting an extended warranty.


You are correct! We have confirmed that these will have a full 1 year HP warranty.


Does this computer come with 2 4gig memory sticks or is it 1 8gig with a free slot?


Hah, thanks! Wasn’t aiming for it, but I’ll take it!


I have no idea.

That said, I would be SERIOUSLY surprised if its 1 8gig. 2x4gig is cheaper than 1x8gig.

Every laptop (and desktop) i have seen always goes for the cheaper option, ie : fill the slots.


That Elitebook tablet PC is a hell of a deal, that i7 version refurbished is very hard to find. My wife has been using the 2740p version for now 3 years, we bought it refurbished too and had to use the warranty once, stellar job HP did with advanced replacement and no questions asked.

Hell of a laptop if you get the thin optional batterie and dock as well !