Laptop Of The Pops

Got one of the ASUS Zenbooks and loved it - excellent portable replacement for my former juggernaut of a laptop, plus it’s beautiful. I thought I lucked out because I wasn’t having any wireless problems like is common with those machines… until literally a week after the warranty ran out. Now the wireless turns off randomly and won’t connect automatically and nothing ASUS has told me to do works. Que lastima!

hp of 90 days warranty is valid in China?

Probably not.

The HP 17-in says 1080p in the title then 900p in the description. Which is it? I need to cancel asap if it is the latter!

Looks likes its 1600x900. We’re updating the sale now. It’s too late to cancel the order but you can refuse the package. Just work with CS to arrange things. Let them know that the title was incorrect.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

FWIW - I bought this when it came around a couple months ago and I’ve been really happy so far.

I would like to see it before I decide and they haven’t even shipped yet (Been 12 days…). To be productive I need to have 2 windows side-by-side. On a 1080p screen it is a tight fit. Is it usable on this screen size at all?

Note: Admin said “too late to cancel” on Sep 25 and it still hasn’t shipped on Oct 4!