Laptop Tray with LED Light

Laptop Tray with LED Light

What is this made out of

Hello there. It’s plastic.

Is this really over 8 pounds, or is that just the shipping weight? I’m looking for something very light-weight.

I think so? I searched “heavy” in the amazon Q&A and reviews. Found this:

Thanks! I don’t see a way to search the reviews here on Woot…I guess you have to go to Amazon and find the product there. Thanks again.

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Has anyone received theirs yet? I just received mine and its purple, not black - did I misread something? I double checked the listing and it says black, but maybe I missed something.

Any ideas?

Contact woot support. Tell them bsmith1 says to stop screwing up orders.

I have noticed that the items that shop from Woot via Amazon packaging aren’t packaged as well. The boxes are coming smashed, ripped open and/or not taped properly.


Sorry about the color and the HULK SMASH! Reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

TT, where in the world do you work that you are replying to the forum before sunrise?? I thought I was an early riser.

I haven’t ruled out the purple tray, it just caught me by surprise - may very well turn out to be exactly what I needed and didn’t know.

Blargh. Wanted to get everything caught up before the woot-off started.


I feel like Pavlov’s dog with these Woot offs, the stupid phone beeps for a new deal and I run to find it. This is NUTS!

Stay sane…

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I received mine & it is a crappy gray color & I had ordered black.
Also, no where in the discription does it mention that it’s a hard plastic. I definitely would not have bought this, especially in this color.
I contacted customer service & all they wated to give me is a $6 credit!
Unacceptable! I buy things almost every day from Woot.

Hi there. If you read the next paragraph of the email, it gives you instructions if you’d rather return the item for a full return.

@Rbbobonbanks I received purple and an $8 credit. I don’t understand why everyone is receiving different colors when the posting says nothing about random colors, just black. I honestly don’t think Woot should be taking people’s money knowing they are not advertising what is being sold - if it was a random color deal, I would understand l, but this is not

Again, apologies. The information from the vendor indicated that the items were black. Had we known, we would have advertised it as such.

The vendors and UPS are out to take down the Woot Empire, one wrong color laptop tray and busted tv at a time.

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