Laptop USB


Ok Im in high school but everyone here seems so computer savvy I figured I might as well ask here before taking it to the shop. I run the basketball games at my school with my laptop. I sell Ice cream so I dont have much money (hence why im here) my usb port blew up or something (theirs only one) it said poweroverload bam now it doesn’t work. Does anyone know how I can fix it? It pretty messed up. I thought about bying a switch cutting it and rewiring it but I can’t get into the laptop deap enough. Are their adapters for other ports I can plug a usb into? Thanks! Sorry if this doesn’t belong here.

Also I would like to add thank you woot for the BAG the other day! it made my day!


If you are certain it is no longer under warranty, you can purchase a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card for about $30 - $40.


Ah! so that would plug into the wireless card spot? and yes I bought it off of ebay its all I could afford lol. Thanks!!!