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Come on woot, it’s 2012 almost 2013, time for some laptops with backlit keyboards!!!


What’s the point in a backlit keyboard anyway? You don’t look at the keys when you type, seems like it would just waste battery.


I love the over enthusiastic writeups on hover :slight_smile:


Can someone point me at what kind of specs I’d need for a gaming laptop? I’ve seen in comments people declaring that pretty much every laptop woot has offered isn’t good enough for gaming. I’ve got a great setup on my desktop (which friends built for me), but I’m looking for something to use when I’m on vacation.


What is your price range? What kind of games are you looking to play? What is your bottom line in terms of FX quality? How long are you looking for this computer to last? These are all first things you need to ask yourself before you even think of going shopping for a gaming laptop.


Holy crap! I was just on here like 5 hours ago before these posted and these already sold out? I was looking for new Lanovo!! Aaaarrgh!


If you want a great gaming laptop check out the Alienware on tech.woot today; that’s a pretty impressive machine! Of course, such impressive machines generally demand equally impressive price tags too…


Nice of them to taunt us with all of the sold out good laptops!


That’s what I’ve been saying for the better part of 15 years. UNTIL, I bought a Sony with a backlit keyboard for my mother who for reasons not germane to this post, is in bed in a pitch black dark room most of the time.

I am now a convert and yearning for a cheap one for myself. Would never spend the kind of money on a laptop for me that I spent on hers.

Once you go backlight, you never go… well fill in the blank, can’t think of anything that’s not too crude for woot :wink:


I’m looking to play World of Warcraft when I’m visiting family during holidays. I’m not looking to replace my desktop, so I’d rather not spend over a thousand. I’d like it to last at least two years. I’m not expecting to be able to do graphics heavy things (like raiding or player versus player content), so the FX don’t have to be OMIGOD AMAZING, but I’d prefer that the game didn’t crash if I venture into a high traffic area.

Based on the comments on the gaming laptop being offered today, that’s more than I want to spend and probably higher quality than I was intending. I want a backup that functions, not something better than my desktop.


Check out for lenovos. I just bought one for $329 NEW. 4 GB mem 320 GB HDD with a Pentium dual core.


Any laptops comming up for sale in the near forseeable?


The average person with a touch-typing skill wouldn’t be looking at the keys - but people who use laptops in a low-light environment or hunt-and-peck typers could prefer it.

I’m with the touch-type crowd, though.


Hello again,
I don’t know when you plan to purchase your computer, but you should aim for something around the lines of a 640LE or higher. Lenovo’s Y570 series is a great place to start. They offer a good GPU, a solid processor (abit a little out dated). The only bad thing is the screen, but thats expected in a sub $1000 laptop. You want the lower resolution so your comp lasts longer (I hate 1366x768 as much as the next person, you can plug this computer into an HD display and use one when your not out and about) Samsungs 7 Series (NP700Z5A-S09US) offers a solid 6750 performer for $850-$900. It’s semi light, and has a good amount of performance.

Try to get an i5 or higher, 6 or more GB of Ram, and a minimum of 630M or 6650 if you want to play anything at med/high for 2012 titles, and high for pre 2012. Screen rez you should aim for 1600x900 or higher, but you will most likely get a 1366x768 for your price range, but i’ve already gone over that.
Anyway, hope this helps,


For the person looking for a laptop to play world of warcraft, if you are only going to play older games, wow is 7 years old. I run it on my Acer W500 tablet on low settings at 30fps… an amd quad core with a 6520g will play wow fine with high res low settings as in shadows, draw distance blah blah. All off or low.

If my 2gb dual core TABLET can play wow… the samsung laptop thats available here can play it at least twice the settings. My tablet is 1200x800 with low settings. And its a smooth experience on a 10" screen.

WOW is hugely outdated, so any system can play it. I have played it on intel hd 3000 graphics. Dont listen to people telling you that you need 800$+ systems for wow. Those will play newer games on medium settings.

With a 6520g you can play a lot of games on low settings and get 25-30fps. People dont know what they are talking about and expect that they need monster graphics cards that cost more than their systems, when in reality most developers make games that run on most any systems. Like Guild Wars 2 runs fine on intel hd 3000… which is a terrible graphics solution.

If you are okay with low settings any amd llano chip will let you play games fine, thanks to quad core and 6gb ram. 6520g is an impressive graphics solution. Just dont expect to play games that are blockbusters like battlefield 3 orMetro 2033.

If wow is all you want a 300-450$ laptop is more than enough. I promise you that… i also play torchlight, diablo 3, and other games have equivalent graphics, indie games like orcs must die, or limbo. So and quad core A6 amd and 6520g with 6gb will play wow, guild wars, diablo 3, and modern crapfare and even skyrim with lower res. Because the gaming industry is being held back by consoles and most developers try to “avoid piracy” (aka make it available to anybody with money) by making games playable on consoles then port them to pc for extra cash. It is rare that you see PC only optimized games anymore.

Next gen we might see better games… but right now there is no reason to buy more than you need. People with 680gtxs are kidding themselves… I have a 570 and max every game on my desktop easily. A high end gaming desktop can be built for 700$. Low end?? Easily 400$ its just a matter of what you will put up with.


Ugh, thanks for the next day rush shipping but you sent me a dud! A dead dud.


Sorry for the problems. Email with the specifics and your order number. They’ll help you out.