Laptops Again!

So looking a the Laptops. Some of them give the ghz and the some give a range of ghz. (1.7) up to 2.7. What does this mean? Do you have to purchase an upgrade?

Features say 8gb Ram Specs say 6. Which is it?

Which one, please?

Generally Core i5 and above have a feature called turbo boost which increases the clock speed as applications demand it.

As an example when surfing the web the system runs at 1.7 but for something like a graphic intense game it will boost the speed to 2.7.

Asus X200CA-HCL1104G
Asus X200CA-HCL1205O

The only difference I can find is HDD size but they are both the same price. Please tell me what I am missing… thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting find, thanks for posting and letting us know.
(I don’t know either?)

I’m gonna ping Woot Staff and inquire about the separate sales.

Thanks again!

The Asus X502CA-BI30705B-PB-R specs claim max of 8gb RAM, but when i look the model up other places, including Crucial, it says 4GB max. Can you confirm?

All laptops/computers come in different configurations. Per our vendor, these are 8GB.

Save yourself the trouble and frustration on the HP8440P. All I wanted to do was adjust the brightness on the screen. 30 minutes of troubleshooting online, and finally downloading the HP support assistant did not help. Finally called HP and suprisingly got a hold of a very nice cs rep. Spent 40 minutes on the phone updating drivers including a BIOS update that went from version 12 to version 23. I still can’t adjust the brightness on this thing. It’s going back, and I’m frustrated.

I’m sorry to hear that you experienced problems sorting the issues out with HP.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know what you’re encountering.

Does the Thinkpad T410 have bluetooth connectivity? Lenovo’s website said it depends on the model

No, it does not. Sorry.

What are differences between refurbished and Factory reconditioned?
Is that coming with original box and all original accessories?

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

Refurbished covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

Does Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Laptop have a light on it to allow for keyboard visibility during low light situations?

No backlit keyboard. Sorry.

Sorry, not backlit keyboard, but there is usually a light on the display that can be activated by a function key, this small light shines onto your keyboard.

Would the cheapest one available be able to run Minecraft and YouTube for my 7 year old?

We weren’t given information that it had this feature. These are business class computers and often don’t come with some of the wizbang feature.