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Does anyone know if HP ENVY dv6t-7300 have bluetooth?

Bought this back in September and I LOVE IT! Just a fast tip - contrary to popular belief YOU CAN UPGRADE TO THE 256GB SSD DRIVE. Albeit, it’ll end up costing you more - at least $399 - which is sort of pointless. With all the Cloud storage options (whether free or not) nowadays and the ever growing super Hulkamania USB Drives this should do just fine. I have a 256GB USB Drive and it works great!

I’ve found that no matter what I throw at this little nomad - it just chews it up and spits out data without breaking a sweat. And storagewise I’ve loaded all my favorite software on here and still have well over half, which is 50-60GB’s, of the hard drive free and it’s STILL runs without a hiccup! Just sayin’

Buy this thin and SEXY little beast - you WON’T be disappointed I pretty much guarantee it.

I got this Asus back in October…

Very nice, fast, smooth, highly recommended! Windows 8 is the only drawback, but there are ways to inprove the experience with some tweaks in Windows!

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31ARF-R5102F Ultrabook, 13.3" Full HD

I got this Zenbook in November. The startup is wildly fast and the resume blows every other computer I’ve seen away. It was also a refurb and has not given me one single problem. I’d reccomend this computer to looking for a super portable ultra fast machine.

DO NOT get Envies, you’ll regret it badly:

I got the Asus Zenbook Prince UX31a back in August (I think). Sadly after 126 days (90 day warranty), the damn thing won’t charge anymore or run even while plugged in. Post-warranty Asus is useless. Judging by people who had similar problems it’s either the battery or the motherboard - I’ve eliminated a bad charger. Buyer beware.

The ASUS Vivo Tab RT comes back at you -I bought it the first time it was offered last fall and almost returned it when it kept succumbing to the “sleep of death” where it would go to sleep and not wake up. If you search “ASUS Vivo Tab RT Sleep of Death” there is a clever fellow who figured out by turning off USB settings that the device won’t succumb to sleep of death. I am sure Woot got a lot of returns over this and this lot represents all the returned Vivo Tabs.

Two things keep this in my kit -Office and 16hrs battery life. That is it. The trackpad suffers from oversensitivity and cannot be adjusted, so I just turn it off and use a USB mouse. As a tablet, Windows RT has its heart in the right place but executes like, well, Microsoft where the tablet and desktop metaphors get messed up. But for you people who work with Microsoft Office documents who want to never plug in and are happy with a tiny USB power plug, this is the device for you.

Why is the windows 8 version of the HP Envy i7 laptop so much heavier than the windows 7 Home Premium version?

Does anyone know if the Asus 13.3 Zen book can be downgraded to Windows 7 Pro?
Or at least know if it’s running Win 8 Pro?

I installed Linux on it, so it’s possible to change the OS. You may have to change the BIOS to allow booting from “non-trusted” sources.

I just got my Zenbook from this woot (UX31A-BHI5T11), and it didn’t come with any of the accessories in the photo or the text description, just FYI. I just got the laptop, a thin sleeve, and the power cord.

I created a customer service ticket. Now to wait. The autoresponder said it might take them a week to get back to me.

You might try contacting Asus to see if they can send you the accessories (you can do that here), you have a 90 day warranty with them and they’re more likely to have the accessories available to send.

I just got my Asus Zenbook Prime UX31ARF-R5102F, and it seems great except it came with Win8 instead of Win7 as the specs state…I am a mixed emotion panda.

Edit: And I just noticed that the Max resolution seems to be 1600x900 - not 1920x1080…That’s moving me beyond annoyed into pissed off…I’m wondering if I got sent the wrong model (the UX31A portion is the only thing on the sticker), but I can’t find a model with those specs.

I’d recommend emailing your order number, user name and situation to They can take a look at what’s going on and review your options if you did happen to receive the incorrect model. Sorry for the frustration. :confused:

Yeah, already did. Honestly, if this had been what I ordered, I’d be really happy with it - it seems great. I’m sort of doubting that I’ll get the model I ordered since the event sold out, but hopefully they can do something for me.

If it were just the W8 v. W7 issue, it’d be “different than what I ordered”, and I probably would just shrug and live with it. The screen resolution issue makes it an “inferior to what I paid for” situation, and that’s not as happy.

First time I’ve had any issue at all with Woot though, so I’m hoping it all turns out well enough.

And now I’ve just noticed that the copy of Windows isn’t activated because the activation key is evidently bad and has been blocked.

We’re not headed in a good direction here. >_<

Jeez, I’m sorry. Please keep us updated here in the thread on how things go. I’m happy to help however I can.

Unless you’ve got a spare Windows key, probably not much can be done right now. :wink:

I opened another ticket (and referenced the first, in case they want to consolidate). Other than the frustration, there’s no major issue right now - just put a damper on my “shiny new toy” day.

Same here – missing accessories.

Customer service got back to me in a few days with a $50 credit – almost exactly equal to the retail cost of the accessories through the Asus on-line shop. Annoying, but a reasonable response.