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Just got my asus tf600t vivotab, had the wrong charger in the box! My last 3 orders have had problems. Woot needs to tighten up seriously. The correct charger is like $40. So now I have a useless $300 tablet and a headache!

I’m sorry you got the wrong charger. Have you contacted Asus yet? Your Vivotab has a 90 Asus warranty; they can likely just send the correct charger.

If you need any further assistance along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Woot Member Services; just email your order number, user name and situation to Again, apologies; definitely disappointing to get a new toy and not be able to play with it.

Asus told me to take it up with woot, This is so much fun getting no response from woot and no help from Asus!

I’m sorry you didn’t get anywhere with Asus. I poked CS for you; you should get a reply soon.

good Asus kept me on the phone for an hour passing me from one person to another to finally tell me they refused to make it right and I could purchase the cable. I love the tablet I don’t want to send it back!

Woot Member Services will get you taken care of!

As expected, there’s no event inventory left, so they’re checking with the vendor to see if they’ve got it. They also offered a return, but hopefully there will be an option in between “keep something inferior to what I paid for (and deal with it)” or “return it and have no laptop at all”.

No word on the activation key yet.

Quick question for Woot folks: I’m getting a new case number (and accompanying confirmation email and email ID) with each reply to support - is that some sort of glitch?

I’m now at four total Case # and email IDs, one off the Win Key ticket and three off the “Wrong item” ticket.

Also, as a side note, they asked me for the serial number so the vendor could check inventory, I provided it, then they sent me a return label - no communication about the vendor inventory (I’ve asked again about the exchange but haven’t heard back yet) - between that and multiple case IDs, I’m more confused than anything :smiley:

Not a glitch, we just like to throw out case numbers like they mean something, but really they just reference one specific email. We should get back to you on the serial number thing pretty soon (I hope).

Mine is 1920x1080. Where do you see the 1600x900 resolution? Could it be an issue with the OS or video card driver?

Customer service got back to me. And did nothing but give me a link to an Asus site and told me to go bother them.

This is ridiculous. How do you sell at item – with a full description and photos – and then send something different. It’s not like they were drop-shipping from ASUS. Were they?

It’s possible that they were drop shipped from ASUS.
Normally we do recommend that you contact the manufacturer, as they’re exceptionally helpful in resolving issues with the product.

Either way, you should have received a different response in regards to the missing accessories.

I’ve gone ahead and pinged Woot Member Services for you.

I recommend that you write in again specifying the same issue and that you’ve contacted ASUS.

Thanks for your continued patience during this matter.

It’s the max available resolution under the video properties - the driver is up to date (a month old). The issue is that it’s the TN display (which is 1600x900) instead of the IPS display it’s supposed to be (which is 1920x1080) because they didn’t ship the model I purchased. Yours is likely 1080 because yours is actually the right model :wink:

Edit: Essentially, I’m pretty sure I was sent a BHI5N47 instead of the R5102F, since they’re identical except for the OS and the screen resolution.

And, by way of updates, there have been none since last post - that I haven’t heard anything at all on the activation key is particularly odd since that one seems an easy fix. Of course, that’d be an activation key for Win8, not Win7 (as purchased), so for what it’s worth and all that…

Finally received my HP dv6t-7300 i7 laptop. In the sales spec it said it would come with a backlit keyboard but it did not. Does anyone know if woot will take it back and actually give me the one I ordered? I emailed support but haven’t heard anything back.

Interesting. I got an offer of $30. I guess I have to buy off-brand cables…

So, the Vendor evidently doesn’t have any in stock. And Woot still evidently doesn’t, which is a bit odd, given that the item was in an event running right now:

So, I’ve gotten zero reply at all on the activation key issue, and on the “wrong item” issue I’ve evidently been told “either return it or keep it” with no offer of any sort to make things right beyond that…

To this point, my love of Woot has been unconditional - that’s definitely in danger of changing. :expressionless:

Yeah, I’m not quite as in love with Woot as I have in the past. I’ll probably unsubscribe from the daily e-mail soon.

However, if you still want to keep the machine, you can get great replacement adapters at monoprice. I’ve bought things from there a bunch of times and never had a problem. Their main attraction is the price.

I just ordered USB to LAN, the HDMI adapter (both cheap), and a USB to DVI adapter (a bit pricey) from them for this Zenbook. I’ll be curious to see if I can drive two external monitors with it.

Overall I love the Zenbook, so I am glad I grabbed this refurb deal.

I have the adapters - my issue is they sent me the wrong model.

I was supposed to get a 1920x1080 screen with Win7, I got a 1600x900 screen with Win8 - I specifically chose the model I did because it was full HD and because it didn’t have Win8 (which I dislike greatly).

My R5102F just arrived. I also had a problem with the version of Windows 7 not being genuine, but a factory reset (F9 at startup) fixed that. However, I also can only get a resolution of 1600x900 which makes me wonder if I got the worse display also…

So, the final message was “can’t do anything for you”…I’m honestly astonished.

I got sent the wrong (inferior) item and that item isn’t actually functioning properly (no valid activation key) and customer service’s response has been a week+ long silence on the activation key and “oh well you can return it or keep it” on the wrong item itself.

No offer of a credit (like the other folks who were missing a promised feature), no offer of anything to make it right, not even the activation key so that it’s working properly (even if it is the wrong item) - just “here’s a RMA”…All the while offering the proper - supposedly out of inventory - item in an event the day they sent the “nope, nothing can be done” email.

It feels like a farce…I keep waiting to see John Cleese as the service manager. :wink: