Laptops & The Accessories They Love

What size corresponds to a macbook pro 15 inch? would it be the 15in version of the 15.6?

I find it more than a little crazy that woot continues to sell sandy bridge laptops at these prices! You can get 3rd gen processors at for this! Laptops haven’t been up to your previous, high quality, standards for a while now. Time to pull up your socks, Woot!

I can’t believe they managed to sell out of those terrible “green” adapters. They force your battery through unnecessary charge/discharge cycles!

Macbook pro 17" sleeve is not 17" Discription says 11.47"(L) x 16.25"(W) x 1.3"(D).
I bought a black one and it did not fit my 16.4" HP. Did not think that product advertised for 17" in only 16.25". Woot had refunded my money.

Laptop screen sizes are measure diagonally, like TVs. So a 17" MacBook Pro is 15.47" wide.

That Asus laptop doesn’t have a backlit keyboard does it?

Not that we’re aware. Either the specs didn’t specify or our sample didn’t have one. We will specify that feature if present. We know people like it.

Will this case work well (the 10") for a tablet, specifically a Microsoft Surface? I travel a lot and I frequently have to throw my Surface in luggage since my normal laptop bag has my laptop in it. (if I put tablet in that bag TSA will always stop me)

saw the same model on Amazon for 400 dollars (used). it turned the model is made in 2011 first. so old by technology standard. better to shop elsewhere.

What’s going on? I’ve already been charged for the Asus laptop. Woot emailed me Saturday and said it’s been shipped and is on it’s way, complete with FedEx tracking number. FedEx said it was expected for shipping last Friday, but it’s now Tuesday and FedEx still never received the laptop for shipping. Original expected delivery date per FedEx was Monday (yesterday). Clearly that delivery date has passed and FedEx still hasn’t even received the laptop for shipping. Nearly $600 is a LOT of money and it’s seeming like I got ripped off. Sure you’ll take my money and say the laptop shipped. FedEx says otherwise. What happened?

Is the lesson here that woot can’t be trusted to ship and deliver high-priced items?

This is normal. This is being drop shipped directly from the vendor. The first thing they do is notify FedEx that a shipment will be coming. That’s how they get tracking numbers assigned. Then the orders will be picked up once they’re packed and ready.

While often quicker, we ask that you allow 5 business days for order processing and shipping. This is the 3rd business day.

Understood, but why does woot email me telling me my order has shipped when it clearly HASN’T been shipped?

I agree. We shouldn’t send out the tracking number until the item is moving. That’s usually the case. Not sure what happened this time.

On a $20 item, it’s probably no big deal. On a nearly $600 item, buyers tend to worry when woot clearly lies about actual shipping status.

Woot’s status on the laptop:

“Shipped – Your order has been sent and is on the way to you.”

Clearly, NOT. It hasn’t been shipped, and it’s not on the way to me.