Laptops - The Ultimate Misnomer

I wish Woot have comparision chart for these laptops, make easier to decide.

Just a heads up, I bought the black 14" Beats Edition last time. I got it home and immediately the sound quit working. The On-Board troubleshooter takes you through a never ending loop as does HP’s online troubleshooting. After many calls to HP they acknowledged that it was a known problem and their fix was that every time the audio quit working was to restore the system like it was new out of the box. I did and audio quit again aa day later. Sent it back. Last HP I’ll buy.

Can anybody tell me if the acer is a touch screen? Their site only says some model in that size-not which ones.

If any are a touch screen, it will be noted in the specs and probably in the title on the sale’s page.

As for the Acer’s, I don’t see any that are touch screen.

If it works out of the box then there is absolutely no question that “you” changed something to cause it to stop working (I use the term “you” loosely to describe not just deliberate actions, but things the user may have inadvertently allowed to happen automatically).

My first guess, you probably let it load one of those supposedly helpful driver updates that Microsoft delivers through Windows Update. Those things have been breaking systems ever since MS started doing that. Just stick with getting Windows updates from MS and
download drivers only from either the computer manufacturer’s website or the component manufacturer’s website, and a lot of those problems can be avoided.

There may also be a faulty update on the component or computer manufacturer’s website from time to time, but the built-in Windows system restore should be able to roll back your system to right before the faulty update, no problem, and without wiping out anything that was there before the problem occurred.

Thank you!

I was walking through the woods in Czech Republic once and I stumbled over an ASUS touch-screen Laptop. Wish I could have kept it. It was still running on it’s battery from 1941…

Does Asus Q200E VivoBook have bluetooth? If not, then I’ll pass.

It’s not listed in the specs.

HEY Y’ALL. We have a LOT of laptops in this deal so if you have a question about a specific one, it’ll be faster if you can provide a link to that laptop’s sale page.


A weary mod.

The Asus U46E-RAL6 specs show a 7200RPM HDD.

Amazon and Newegg state that it comes with a 5400RPM drive. Can someone confirm the hard drive speed?

[MOD: We’ve changed the specs to 5400. Thanks for noting that.]

I don’t see backlit keyboard in the specs, but I thought the s3 had one. Anyone know?

It’s an optional feature for that model. Unless noted in the specs, the laptops do not have a blacklit keyboard.

Had to snag one of those Lenovos… been eyeballing a Thinkpad for awhile and that’s a great price (especially considering its new with a 3-year warranty). Been using them at work for years and they are rock-solid machines.

Yes, I know based on specs alone there are better deals to be had, but the Thinkpads are pretty bulletproof in the business-class models.

I’m replacing an 18-month-old HP where the plastics are disintegrating, and that laptop has had an easy life (never left the house!)

I see the Thinkpad L520 is up for grabs. It’s the first time I’ve seen an xx20 series Thinkpad on Woot. The xx20 series are the last Thinkpads I’ll consider buying, since Lenovo went insane and changed the keyboard – the legendary Thinkpad keyboard! – for the xx30 series.

What are the chances there’s a T420 in the offing in the upcoming months?

The only T-series Thinkpads I have ever seen on here were refurbs with 90-day warranties.

Seeing as how the business-grade Lenovos have 3 year warranties, there’s a decent chance any refurb one you get may be 2+ years old when you get it.

For this price, I’d snag this one if you are truly interested.

The 14" Thinkpad Z61t I already have is at the outer limits of portability for my purposes. A 15.6" unit would just be too big.

And as for the 1366 x 768 display resolution… Let’s just say I have a snip out against the snip who arranged the conspiracy that’s saddled all new laptops with that display resolution. 1366 x 768 is insultingly low-res, especially for a 15" display, and most particularly in light of the fact that the 14" display on my six year old Thinkpad is already 1440 x 900. Display resolutions were supposed to increase over time, not stagnate. Grr, I say, grrrr…

Woot, I realize that you don’t want to cram too much information into the computer titles. But I would really, REALLY appreciate it if you would start including the operating system information in the item title.

If the picture doesn’t include a photo of the Win 8 OS screen (eg. the Gateway in this one, or almost ALL of the HP desktops), I can’t tell which one it is.

And I don’t want a Windows 8 computer. That makes for a LOT of clicking.

I was actually in your situation a few days ago, but I read up about an upgrade Microsoft is making to the OS (gonna cleverly be called Windows 8.1) That adds a Start button back on the desktop and an option that allows you to skit that whole “Metro” layout on bootup. I think they are releasing it at the end of August. Seriously considering getting 8 with a new laptop now since the OS has faster boot times and speeds :confused: