Does the Dell Inspiron 17-7737 Laptop connect to the Dell E-port plus dock?

How does “Lenovo Thinkpad X1-Carbon” differ from which seems to have 8GB of memory?

Will there be more Acer Aspire R7-571?

Generally no. The Dell E-port docks normally only work with the Latitude & Precision business line of laptops.

Not in this sale but keep watching. It may make an encore appearance in another sale.

There’s a link in my signature to a list of All Plus Sales. It’s updated weekdays by around 9:30am CT.

I would like to get a 17.3 laptop with Windows 7 and maybe i5 or i7… any chance of that…???

the acer touchscreen is $10 less NEW on amazon

Bought my mom the i5 probook last time they had them. My mom likes it and I must say that it’s a great little machine for what she uses it for, which is basic email and her avon stuff. Well, would be a great little machine if it wasn’t for how dirty it was, the dead pixel and a bunch of scratches. Also it said used, not refurb like it stated in the ad. And there’s a big difference between used and refurb, and I never would’ve paid 270 for used. But it works and she doesn’t want all the hassle of returning it just for a couple blemishes on the screen that would drive me nuts, so what can you do. Just a heads up to interested buyers, it may say refurb but, at least in our case, it was a used computer that they didn’t even bother to clean the dirt out of the keyboard. That and the dead pixel that wouldn’t have been overlooked if it really was a refurb.

Hey Woot, not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but for the Dell Inspiron 17-7737 there is a slight error. In the item title it states it comes with 16 GB DDR3 ram, however when you click on item specs, the max supported ram is 8 GB. Would someone be able to let me know which is correct? That makes a pretty significant difference.


I’ll have our buyers clarify and I’ll update my post when I know more.

UPDATE: Our buyer updated the specs to match 16GB as stated in the title. Hope that helps!

bought the Lenovo W-510 and I’m very disappointed that I can’t get Win 7 Pro 64 bit recovery disks from either Lenovo, which Woot told me they would send them, or MetroPC, who obviously refurbished these machines. Arrived kind of scuffed up too. I realize these are refurbs, but there’s no sign on any of the software that this is even a Lenovo machine. First time I’ve beed disappointed in a refurb piece of electronics from Woot…

I’m not sure if you’ve contacted Woot Member Services yet, but you can email them with your order details and situation at They may be able to further assist you.

Otis, here is information on creating recovery media.

Lenovo Support

The HP laptop I bought was received DOA. I contacted customer service about it three days ago, but still no response! When you get around to responding, are you going to tell me I’m past the 21-day return window? I wasn’t when I first emailed you, but now am very concerned. And I sure would like to get a working laptop soon :frowning:

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ll add you to my afternoon report.

It helped! Thanks.