That Acer ultrabook seems mis-priced, tigerdirect has the slight better Acer S3-391-6448 for $15 less

Bought the Samsung NP355E5C-A01US Laptop last time it was in stock. Not a big fan of Windows 8, so I put Ubuntu Linux on it.

One important note, when creating the Windows 8 restore for the laptop, when I want to put Windows 8 back on there, you have to save the image to an external hard drive. It will not recognize the DVD Drive as a destination. The DVD Drive appears to work fine and even with an external DVD burner (Samsung drive) the app does not want to write the Windows 8 restore information to a DVD (total image size of around 12GB). I used an external hard drive and it went fine. I will burn the image to a Bluray disc via external Bluray drive so I have it in two places.

Otherwise great laptop!! Beautiful screen, nice keyboard. Good performance for a dual core machine. Love that is has USB 3.0 and many other great features. Not a gamer laptop, but overall a great machine. At some point I may put Windows 8 back on there (when v8.1 releases) and see how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom work as a backup machine. I don’t have any benchmarks, but I can say that Ubunutu 12.04 LTS runs great on it with good performance excellent driver support.

I purchased a HP 14" refurbished laptop from Woot on June 18, 2013. It arrived yesterday and the webcam does not work. It states that webcam cannot be found. I tried reloading the driver but to no avail. Looks to be a hardware issue. This is my first refurbished purchase - never again. Is anyone else having a problem with their HP refurbished purchase? Woot sent me to HP for the issue so this is shaping up to be a long drawn out ordeal.