Yoooo-hooooo…anybody there? Are any of these models good enough for running Abobe inDesign?

can anyone tell me the difference between factory reconditioned and refurbished?

I am looking at either of the Acer ultrabooks, their specs are almost identical but one is factory reconditioned and the other is refurbished… Thanks!

HP ENVY DV6-7215NR is pretty good specs it’s an i7 and dedicated graphics card that has mature drivers and 8gb of ram.

edit: it sold out just now … nm :stuck_out_tongue:

Are ANY of them Win 7? I have no love for win 8 - at all.

The Acer S3-391-6448B has Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) drivers available on their support page.

Factory reconditioned means original company, or someone they are willing to put their name behind, did the repairs.

refurbished means it was repaired by any other means than above.

I’m going to assume that Woot probably only had a small amount of that unit in stock…

really wanted it as I need a new laptop for school… :’(

1 - 1080p minimum screen
2 - i5 minimum
3 - anything not HP, Acer or Sony.

Still kicking myself big time for missing out on the two Asus ultrabooks a couple weeks ago (there was only 1 of each apparently). :frowning:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Monitor
  3. Power Cable

Low bar to meet. I like that.

I HATE Win8 so very much and yes, I’ve tried and tried it. I’m hoping this one works out or I’m toast. In order I want: OPTICAL drive still, centered touchpad mouse back, something that doesn’t run W8!

are any of these worth buying for a college student with a 400 dollar or less budget? only needed for decent battery length, and enough power for programming I guess but I’m not asking for much.

Bought the HP envy i5. The price was better than I could find anywhere else ($543 with delivery). It was delivered in 24 hours. That was surprising. So far, no problems with the factory refurbished model. I don’t love Windows 8, but I am really happy with the deal.