The star buy of the day would be UX31ARF-R5102F ASUS which I believe would sell out pretty soon.

A shame that they got rid of the LAN port but we can always get USB3.0 to LAN coverter at later time.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the UX32’s are the newer laptops. Yes?

Can’t say for sure. They are using very similar third gen i5 processor but the screen resolution makes a bigger difference. Would you need a touchscreen? That is the biggest difference I have seen.

If I were you, I will go with a higher resolution one, in this case the model I suggested above, than the one with lower res + touchscreen.

EDIT: My bad, you are referring to UX32ARF-RHI5N31 I suppose.

The biggest difference is HDD vs SSD. In this case, smaller SSD gets my pick. The whole user experience on application launches on SSD is way better than on any HDD.

If you need more storage space, you can always get an external hard drive connected on USB 3.0

I was referring to the UX32ARF-RHI5N31. The only difference between the one you suggested and the UX32 is the SSD vs HDD. A newer model with the same specs seems to be the way to go. Unless you need the SSD. For me, the alloted 24GB for windows should do the trick.

Please refer to my reply above.

Did some more digging:

The comparison between UX31 and UX32, it appears they are launched at around the same time.

That helps a lot. Thanks for the sharing of info!

I am in the market for a new computer for my house and am looking at these laptops. The Asus UX21ARF-BH17N63 is sold out. I can’t find this model for sale on Amazon regularly, it looks discontinued. The Asus Zenbook UX31E-DH72 is currently for sale on Amazon for $1,199. Is this as good a laptop, or better than the fist laptop that is sold out, and/or can anyone give me an informed recommendation of what would be a good buy for a laptop out of the ones still available. Thank you

Personally, I went with the UX32ARF-RHI5N31. The only difference between the one brought up first in the comments is the HDD of 500GB vs SSD. While it does not have the SSD, it is considered a “hybrid” meaning that there is indeed a 24GB SSD cache for running windows. This should be more than enough to start up the computer quickly. It is upgradable as well if you feel the need to have a SSD. Overall, I will not be running tons and tons of applications that justify the SSD and am happy with the larger amount of storage. These computers are beasts with the new i5s and slim design. Hope this helps; can’t wait for mine to come.

I checked the UX32ARF-RHI5N31. The screen is not FULL HD. The revolution should be 1366 x 768. Damn, waste my time

Oh dear…If this is indeed true then a return is in my future. :frowning:

EDIT: I have checked with the listings again, I think it comes with the full HD screen as described.

Anyway, to answer the homework, here are my first 3 picks:


Both are sold out already so to cut short my reasons:

  1. Ultraportable
  2. Screen
  3. Processors fast enough.

The third pick goes to Thinkpad W-510.
The processor is considered first gen core i7 but plenty fast for today’s daily computing. Price is pretty fair too.

We’ve confirmed with the vendor and our sample - our specs are correct. The resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Hope that helps.

I hope this correct, as this is preventing me to buy it.

Again I appreciate your checking with Vendor, but Manufacturer’s specs for “UX32A” models, tell us it only comes in 13.3" 16:9 HD with EWV (1366 x 768).

Vendor’s statement VS Manufacturers specs.

Just pulled the trigger thanks for clarifying the resolution.

My scouring of the web has yielded similar results. Woot’s advertised screen resolution was the determining factor for my purchase. If it is indeed 1366x768, then this laptop wouldn’t be much of an upgrade from my current one.

I appreciate staff checking into this, but I am almost certain that I’m going to be disappointed come Tuesday when this laptop arrives. :confused:

Is the “Lenovo Thinkpad T-410 14.1” Laptop, Intel Core i5-520M 2.40GHz, 4GB RAM, 120GB SATA" an old machine? I haven’t seen a HD that small in a while. Anyone know if these are just refurbs or are they off lease?

What’s the difference between the Satellite L855D-S5117B & Satellite L855D-S5117?

Or is that B a typo?
Also Woot must have a ton of these Satellites in stock, they’ve been here for nearly a month straight.
Bought mine on Sep. 28, runs quite nicely.

Quick enough, not as much bloatware as other brands, can play games decently at lower resolutions, I’d say it’s worth the $330 (before tax & fees) so far.

Also eligible for upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Other thoughts: 4 GB of RAM is a bit lacking but it isn’t hard to simply add more sticks.
Also like most modern laptops, the Bios is locked. Can’t alter fan speed with programs like Speedfan. (Which is annoying.) or overclock through software.

Keyboard build is a bit flimsy as well. (Depresses the plastic keyboard when typing & the gaps between keys makes it a bit annoying to type.)
Still, for $330 it’s great as a schoolwork laptop. (Also currently leeching my university’s electricity & internets to fold proteins. For Science!™…and play Hearthstone, TF2, PS2, minecraft, browse facebook, etc. cough)

I ended canceling my order. Will wait for another deal. I could not find any version of the ux32A that had a 1080 screen.

The processor is a couple of generations behind.