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HP Envy 4-1130US is 100$ more on amazon but comes with added 32gb SSD with 500gb HHD.

So it is not much of a deal here after you get warrenty.

Woot, I’d rather have the time machine you used to go back to 1992 for those white Koss speakers.

Could have sworn my Packard Bell 386 had those in the package.

I want to buy this lap,it was sold too quickly ,will there be another tech woot for this lap? lenovo x220t $750.
thank you.

I’ve had the innergie adapter in my backpack for a few months now to use whenever I take my laptop to school. 2 weeks ago the charger that came with my laptop stopped working and the innergie has been a lifesaver! I’ll pick up another one so I can have one in my backpack again.

I picked up the 14" HP i7 elitebook in the last offering… It’s a great computer, but the display has a dead pixel that causes a faint line through the bottom 1/3 of the screen. And it took 10 days to arrive.

I know it’s a refurb, but that’s enormously disappointing for spending nearly $700-- if the screen wasn’t why it was returned, what DID they fix before shoving it back out the door?

Enough of a problem to piss me off and rethink buying a woot refurb ever again, but not worth waiting 20 days to exchange it.

Bought the ThinkPad X130e last month from Woot to give my to my 19 year old son for Christmas. I was afraid that he would think I’d gone cheap on him, but he loves it. He says that the “90’s retro look” in in at college (boy, I feel old). He loves the solid feel and says that the performance has been great.

It was a better choice for him than the Toshiba Satellite we gave him last year which just didn’t hold up structurally to the way he handled it.

He’s been using it mostly for video streaming and game playing until school starts up again.

Great little laptop!

Just a heads up for anyone considering a new laptop…

A Solid State Drive, or SSD, is THE BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT you can make to a laptop (or to a desktop, for that matter, provided its components are no more than ~3yrs old i.e. Socket1156/1366 for Intel, Socket AM3/AM3+ for AMD). Sequential Read and Write speeds are 3-7x faster than any hard drive (and possibly even more so when compared to the 5,400rpm HDD’s typically used in Laptops), but the Random Reads and Writes are AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE FASTER compared to a hard drive! As in, ~50-250MB/sec for SSD vs 0.5-1.2MB/sec for HDD!! The majority of disc access by the operating system is Random in nature.

You can get a FAR faster, more reliable, and larger capacity drive for the same price you’d pay to have it included with the laptop. I know that Dell/HP typically charge ~$200-250 for a 128GB SSD, but you can get something like the Crucial M4 256GB or (my personal favorite, and the most reliable SSD thus far!) a Samsung 830 256GB for $160-180 if you keep your eyes open for sales!

So, you not only get double the capacity, you also get 25-40% faster read/write speeds, and far better reliability!

That is all


Can we just have a Toshiba day? I’m tired of waiting to replace the poc I got from woot last May, but even if I’m in at 12:01a.m. CST, the T seems to be sold out!

Pretty sure I saw those Koss speakers at a Peter Trapp computer show about 15 years ago.

FYI, the Apple MBP here is a 2010 model with a dual core processor, it is not really highlighted in the specs. Apple did not start shipping quad cores in their 15 and 17 inch models until the 2011 cycle.

That being said, my experience with Apple laptops suggests that they last forever, and with Moore’s law not holding up the way it used to, this is a pretty good deal for something that will probably last a long time.

I see a number of potshots being taken at the Koss speakers… does anyone have anything constructive to say about them? Are they good? Bad? Are the cords tough? How’s the sound? Do the batteries last long?

Though, I suppose questions like these aren’t nearly as important as “Does it clash with my fancy new desktop?”

They are from an era where a sound card wasn’t necessarily standard in a new PC, and when they were, they may have been 8 bit ISA sound cards. Use your imagination as to the quality, given the fact they weren’t required to do too much…

I’ve never needed a sound card in any of the computers I’ve had. But then, I’m not a high tech audiophile.

I can’t imagine I’d get something of utmost quality for $16, but I’d still like to know more than “LOL it’s just a crappy pair of speakers”

Lenovo ThinkPad X130e was first marketed to students K-12. Huh? K-12? I guess it can really hold up well around glue, finger paints and spitballs. I imagine if you own a credit card you’re too old for this machine.

Ok, I’m confused about the warrantee. Does it come with any at all? If you but it, is it through Squaretrade or Apple Care. How does this work?

This laptop has 1 gig of Dedicated graphics. Most pre built, not custom have integrated graphics which is shared graphics. Not so easy to find on here or in stores. You usually need a custom built Dell, HP, Gateway or gaming computer brand to get dedicated graphics. The HD is a good size at 750 gigs. Overall, a decent bang for your buck. if you buy the warranty, Google for a coupon code. Theyre out there! Im tempted to buy one with the dedi ated card and do know what im talking about. Its not for High graphics gzming but great to have. Just sayin’…That’s all…

got this thinkpad this time around. The cursor was slow as many complained but that can be adjusted. the cursor also slid around the desktop - almost enough for me to sent it back! found a fix to the “ultranav” on the lenovo website (released 12/12) and it fixed all the issues. yeah. great little notebook. sturdy. you don’t have to be a kid to drop a computer! this will hold up to what you got tho. love that it’s windows 7 pro. Love everything about it. great deal. got it the next day after ordering. really fast shipping. thanks woot!

Hmmm…Less than two months old. was fine yesterday. today won’t boot and shows a white screen the second you push the power button. Under warranty but spent three hours yesterday trying to navigate the IBM EZ serv website which is who fixes them. It was a complete pain in my keister. We’ll see where this goes but after only 6 weeks, I don’t want it “repaired”, I want it replaced! Best Buy says it’s probably the mother board. I didn’t expect this from Lenovo. Sounds like a lemon but I now see that this is not an uncommon problem and I even did my homework before buying! Will check in when it’s fixed.