Lapwing Sunset

Seems that lions were, unsurprisingly, quite popular for this derby…

And I just noticed that his mane is made up of sun rays at the top, smoothly transitioned to grass at the bottom. That’s pretty intense.

I like the Lion King surveying his kingdom vibe.

Congratulations! Love it!

Oh, look at the pretty suns- JESUS CHRIST IT’S A LION GET IN THE CAR!

Truly beautiful, like yesterday’s. But still not the one I hoped for, Come on Color!

very pleasant design. Great job :stuck_out_tongue:

At first, you see the lion. Then you look closer, and you see the details that creates it … and WOW!

Voted. Bought.

Very Escheresque. I like it.

I think I can hear this t-shirt ROAR!

Lion + gorgeous seems to be winning the day (or the midnight central time); another excellent choice.

It’s nice but too close to yesterday’s

Would be neat as a poster

This shirt makes it clear that the African savannah wants to kill you.

I’m glad I already own this other shirt: Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

True dat… it’s one thing to come up with the idea of composing something from individual things, but quite another to actually do it… boss talent. Congrats on the well deserved print!

Obviously we wooters equate the idea of “Safari” with large predatory creatures about to make a kill.

What does this say about our psyche?

I really like the movement and motion in this one, but the asymmetry is throwing me off every time. It’s like the lion is leaning to the right or something… might even be an optical illusion. Over all this is very nicely done.

People were really digging the arty shirts for this derby. Good job!


Checking out all the amazing details in close up and secretly hoping to find “Waldo” …

I bought this to impress my new Congo African Grey Parrot, Kimba. He’s hard to please but this may bring back subconscious emotions. And maybe he won’t bite me next time…