Large Airtight Pet Food Storage Set, 3-Pc

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Large Airtight Pet Food Storage Set, 3-Pc
Price: $19.99
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4/27/2014 - $29.99 - 23 comment(s)

Where was this listing like 9 days ago?? I got a new puppy and went out shopping for big containers like this.

I’ve already got three sets of these and am ordering more. I use them for dog food, dog treats, wild bird seed, and potting soil. Gotta love them! They’re very easy to open and close one-handed, too.

This doesn’t show sold out. It’s 1:15 a.m. CST. I have tried to add it to my cart 6 times on my computer and mobile and it won’t add. What’s going on?

A previous wooter recommended these as a place to put catfood and litter (smaller and larger respectively), with the wheels helping with the larger. I purchased these, and frankly, have been quite happy. While they’re not stylishly happy they actually look fairly nice, are easy to unlock/lock onehanded, and I have added new litter to my cat’s pan simply by tipping the larger one over in it (the one on wheels). One of the wheels does kind of come off, unfortunately, but I’d have purchased these without wheels on the larger without question (due to the wheel issue, might actually remove the wheels entirely from it, once it’s not full of litter). The smaller is perfectly suited to those giant bags of catfood, with the scoop more or less being perfect for ~2 days worth of food (obviously not used for the litter, I direct pour that and keep it in the litter closet).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this. I wish I didn’t have the wheel issue, but the quick and easy open/close and the surprising amount of storage seems to make up for it, and the price point is excellent.

OK, a dry quart is a dry quart. Doesn’t matter if it contains gold nuggets or cat litter. It s a measure of volume!

Now, can ANYONE post the volume these hold, Please! Volume is usually expressed in cubic inches, or cubic something.

Weight is not volume, it’s weight. (Those gold nuggets will WEIGH a LOT more, per square whatever, than cat litter, per square whatever.

Now, can ANYONE tell me the actual DIMENSIONS of these, please!?


Click “Specs”

I bought this set last time around. Nice idea and if they had any packing materials at all, maybe they would have arrived in one piece. Unfortunately, there was no such packing and the large container was shattered. Had to return everything to get a refund … well, they offered $5.00 if I didn’t want to return but I’m pretty sure it was more than $19.99 when I bought it and the large container was the primary reason I bought it. I was very disappointed!!

I purchased here for almost double the price and am pleased with them! At $19 Dollars why wouldn’t you?

Bought these from Woot a couple of months ago and the whole family is pleased with them. The kids can easily open them to feed the animals and they latch when they are flipped shut, so no more spilled pet food on the garage floor. I used to find my big old tomcat pigging out with his head in the cat food bag at least once a week. No more since we got these. A solid bargain at $20!

Bought 'em and like them, except for that whole one wheel absolutely refuses to stay in the slot thing that all but one of the four I have suffer from. I use them to store pet food and litter and to protect some wargames terrain. Don’t really need the wheels but it would be nice if they stayed put if you do choose to use them. I’m wondering about filling that one hole with caulk and just having a fixed wheel…

Sorry for the problems. Orders are actively going through. Could you try another device? I was able to add it to my cart on my iPhone through our app and the mobile site.

I bought the larger one off Amazon several months ago (for much more) and have been very happy with it. I removed the wheels (they just snap on/off) and filled it to the top with RODI water for an evaporation top-off reservoir for my reef tank. While it does bow a bit when filled to the top, it holds fine.

All in all, these are quality pieces.

I also got these last time and was very satisfied. They are a much better bargain than the ones from the pet stores. The larger EASILY (i.e. with extra space) fits the large 25 lb bags of dog food I buy and the smaller one the large 12 lbs bags of cat food. I have to contain the bags of food since I have one cat that chews holes through bags…sigh.

These are great for storing charcoal outside too.

Thanks for all the reviews everyone! In for one set - they have to better looking than the ugly, orange five gallon buckets I use for pet food storage now…the outside storage ideas (charcoal, potting soil, etc) are wonderful - thanks! :slight_smile:

You read my mind. That is my excuse to calm my wife. She complains i am giving too much busines to Woot.