Large Airtight Pet Food Storage Set, 3-Pc

I’ve got the same containers that I found at Burlington for 15 dollars. They are very good but… I left my dog in the same room with these containers for a day and she chewed the corner and looks like she got into her food. So I would recommend these, but if you leave the house and the containers are in the same room as your pup, I’d suggest putting something heavy on top.

I bought this from Amazon and am not very impressed with the product. I received 2 containers and neither are remotely air-tight. They barely stay closed as the latch is very loose. I had one container half filled with styrofoam peanuts and the lid opened while the container was side ways. The seal in the lid appears to be made of foam tape. Based on so many reviews, I was inclined to think I got a bad shipment, but then many of the people giving great reviews aren’t exactly using these containers for main purpose of being airtight–more like air-resistant. If a container is airtight, should it not also be watertight? If I put even 1 cup of water in the container, latch it closed, turn it upside down and swirl it around, the container would leak. Is it just me? Perhaps my standards are too high. Maybe I’ll see another set at BB&B if I see them there.

To current owners:

Have you had any issues with the bins being tipped over and spilling? I’m worried our dogs will try to knock the bins down in order to get into the food.


Just an idea, but instead of taking the wheels off when it’s empty why not just use super glue and glue it on? Seems like it would be much easier to spend $2 and have wheels vs. not.

I bought 2 sets at the higher price. Today I picked up 3 more! These are great for dog and cat food, treats etc. I haven’t had any problems with the wheels but, obviously, I’ll fix that little problem if I do.
Super easy to open and great storage. Beats having bags sitting around.

I have 2 dogs, an Austrailian Blue Heeler and a Weimaraner, plus 4 cats. Neither of my dogs have knocked them over or chewed through them like a wooter said about her pug. I keep their food and treats in them. I suspect the pug smelled something on the outside and started to chew. I’ve previously owned a pug so I have an idea.

I bought this previously and the big one holds exactly 34 lbs of dog food, the scoop and not a dime more. It’s perfect since the bag of puppy food is 34 lbs! It keeps everything nice and fresh and I like that it has the options of wheels.

Used the larger one for dirty cloth diapers. (I have twins so I needed a large container.) No smell gets out!

I have to agree with you, they really aren’t air tight. That foam tape is a joke. Wish I had only ordered one set…