Large Nativity Trio Outdoor Statue

The thought that immediately pops into my head is how is this a refurb? Will it look worn, used or patched up? What can go wrong with these that can actually be fixed and resold?

Whoops! That was a mistake on our end. We have fixed it. This item is new!

What is it made out of? Please.

Yes. What is it made of and is the sheep in the corner included. If no is another completion set going to be sold and soon?

“What is this made of?”

Must be one of those rare materials like frankincense or myrrh if it costs $504.00.

I Floogled this and am more perplexed. On one famous river of a site it says shipping weight 38.3 pounds, an impressive and haughty weight. But then it goes on to say “item weight” 13.8 pounds. Why the take back? Is the difference equal to 1 Kadam? To honor the Hebrew god?

How do I get the whole set besides Mary, Joseph and Jesus? It looks like there is a matching angel and goat or something as well that I would like to add to the scene. Thanks

You’d need to check with the manufacturer or other sites. This is all we have for sale.

I found the angel here on Amazon (I think I’m okay linking it since Woot and Amazon are the same company- but if not a mod can delete the post). Haven’t found the sheep yet though.
Reviews are universally very good and it is apparently made out of resin.
Ordered mine.

Welllllllllll, we’re not the SAME company. We’re an independent subsidiary of Amazon. And except for this stuff in the Flash Deals, we buy our own things. And we’re choosing to sell the flash stuff. We’re not being ordered to.

But yeah, sure.

Sorry about that. My mistake then. I’ve been a loyal Wooter since before Amazon showed an interest. I thought Woot had been bought out by them- especially since you can sign in using your Amazon account. In the meantime, keep up the awesome work- you’re my daily check (often times at 12:01 a.m. Central Time!).

Just received mine and Joseph’s head is damaged. You are almost sold out and I really want an intact set, but don’t want to pay for 2 without a refund forthcoming…ahhhh, help! For as much as these things cost originally, the packaging is very disappointing. Hopefully you guys all have better Amazon drivers than I do and won’t juggle with it. The set is gorgeous though and quite the deal here on Woot!

I’m sorry for the problem. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

These are limited inventory so we can’t guarantee a replacement. :frowning:

I already did that, but I’m sure nothing will get done until at least tomorrow morning. Isn’t there any way to hold one for me or something?

No. Sorry. Thing is, at that price, we’d have to have the item back before we can send a replacement or refund. :\

Hey disneyfreak, mine arrived with Joseph’s head smashed and decapitated as well. See photos in my dropbox here:

Just curious as to how woot! customer service handled it for you. I would like my Joseph replaced as well.

I’m really sorry to hear that Joseph had a little accident during shipping! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the issue.

I have already done that. Woot! customer service offered to send me $20 to have it repaired, which is a joke. I now know why at the top of the page it says, “woot! Deals & Shenanigans”

facepalm Dang. I’m sorry customer service didn’t offer you a better solution. Did they at least give you the option for a return and refund?