Large Origami Shelves with Wheels - 5 Colors

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Large Origami Shelves with Wheels - 5 Colors
Price: $79.99
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Time to learn all about Origami

I bought one of these earlier in the year in red. Pretty solid unit and folds up if desired. I’m currently using mine for pantry storage. A little pricy for a shelving unit, but they’re darn sturdy and look good. I might buy another one just because.

I have a small workbench from the same company, also through Woot. Since this is all-steel, it should ship well. (particle-board components of my workbench did not.)

Having the folding workbench is a cool idea, in that you can set it up when you want to work on something. Storage shelves? You kind of either need them or you don’t, right? I don’t see much application for a flat storage capability of a storage shelf. Every now and then, 20 boxes arrive for a few hours, and then leave for the rest of the week? Maybe good for a trade show craft booth, or something like that.

Actually, as a lifelong apartment-dweller, the fold-up-ability of the shelves is what appeals to me the most. I tend to move every 5 years or so, and being able to fold up my shelves and take them with me is very appealing.
Also, my current kitchen is supremely tiny, with very limited counter space. I have a pair of the small Origami shelves, so whenever I’m cooking, I set up a small shelf set and use that to line up my flour, sugar, and other parts of baking. After I’m done, it doubles as a great place to put the cookie sheets/bread pans for cooling, then I fold it up and put it away when done. Origami shelves are the best thing that’s come along in ages!!

I ordered these a while back for my Shed ,as to organize it. They have Been Wonderful . they Have held up through every thing I have thrown at them . And then some. I just love them. Well worth the Price :slight_smile:

Got a pair of the small ones in a recent Woot! offering. Very nicely made. Solid steel, fold up really well even with the wheels attached. The little locking clips hook in 2 places when folded, so they stay folded.

Not cheap, either price- or quality-wise. If you need shelves once in a while, these are a great choice.

Really Woot? Just bought 4 of these at a higher price last week in the Woot-off. So much for getting a deal during Woot-off. Not cool.

Oh man, you’re welcome to email with your order info and situation. CS can check into your account.