Large Origami Shelves with Wheels

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Large Origami Shelves with Wheels
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I am thinking about using this for stacking my heavy old stereo components in a useable rack configuration. Anyone tried this for that purpose?

No, but I’m using a smaller version version of this for a 10-gal aquarium tank. I noticed that I started to get a bit of a sag in the middle of the top shelf. The tank doesn’t fit end-to-end or front-to-back of the Origami shelf.

I cut a melamine white shelf board to cover the entire Origami shelf to spread the weight. It seems fine now.

Depending on the weight of your components and whether they are spread evenly across the shelf, you might consider adding plywood, MDF or other support across the Origami shelf to distribute the weight.

Otherwise than that, I really like the shelf.

These are really convenient - especially if you have to move things or only sometimes need the extra shelf space.

Two notes - remember the top shelf folds over so you might have to tilt it if your ceiling isn’t high enough, and it is paint coated, but not enameled or whatever so a sharp metal edge will scrape it off.

These are nice (I have one), but pale in comparison to the two 6-tier Origami shelves that I also have and which also show up periodically on Woot (~$135-$150). 6-tier shelves are 37"x 25" and better constructed - well worth the wait. Here’s the Amazon link: