to cutesy for me.

YESSSSS. I just graduated from Architecture school and definitely wanted this to win. Congrats fivedoorsvt.

This design is cute, but it also makes me wonder how the heck a bird can draw/write out blueprints…

Anyway, congrats Mr. Five!

That writeup is a hoot.

This is a truly ingenious idea for a shirt design, I’m just confused as to where a bird got blueprints for a nest…

very sexy tshirt here

I wonder if he installed a bathroom, or is just going to keep using my car.

I said it before in the thread: it ain’t for me, but I really appreciate the mix of styles between the blueprint and the bird, and I like how this manages to be cute (which it certainly is) while also being creative (which most similar work is certainly not). The colors pop great, as well. A solid shirt from a derby which might sell out? Hey, good enough for me.

There would be too much explaining to do if I wore this shirt. No one would ‘get’ it. Cute design though.

From a barkitect.

Get it? Like an architect? Sorry.

Why are there two arrows pointing to the ends of a twig on the blueprint?

So is this red bird the antithesis to the twitter bird?

Why build now? You already have a cozy spot under one of the eves of my house.

Avian version of Ty Pennington? That’d either be a spastic hummingbird, or one of those pigeons that incessently smacks into windows.

I’ll never understand why he didn’t make room for a TV.

And besides, since when are larks red?

i love this shirt. Rockin Robin. In for one.

It just occurred to me that the bird would save a bunch of time and effort if it just crumpled up the blueprints and used that as a nest…

I want this but I don’t want to spend ten dollars because I am THAT broke, but I want it, but I don’t want to spend ten dollars, but I want it, but I don’t want to spend ten dollars…grr…someone decide for me! Please?

EDIT: Got it! Thanks for the help!

It’s roomier than it looks.

And who said it’s a lark? :tongue:

'twould be structurally unsound.