That first Studebaker Lark was red.

I don’t think the blueprints read to crumble the blueprints up, and even then, how would a small bird be able to do that? heh

"Lark"itecture. No?

I love this shirt, but what kind of bird is that? Larks aren’t red and it certainly doesn’t look like a cardinal… Ornithologists demand accuracy!!!

Did anyone else notice that the ‘writing’ is in single line scratches? I think fivedoorsvt secretly knows how to write bird.

He looks so happy. Obviously he’s never built anything before. YOU WAIT, LITTLE UNSUSPECTING BIRD. THE TOUGH TIMES ARE YET TO COME.

Oh, by the way, if he’s smart enough to make dang blueprints, why isn’t he installing a roof? It gets rainy in gutters.

I’d be very surprised if there were an ornithologists in the woot crowd.

congratulations on the print.

birds can’t crumple, they can only nitpick.

Ehh. Could just be for the pun. :tongue:

But I’ll give it to you. My bad!

There is a red-winged lark. Chalk up the vividness of this red to cartoon glory.

He probably got that nest at Ikea

I like the chicken scratch on the plans.

Ha, I said that before the derby even started:

I wish more cute shirts were like this. I’m not going to buy this one, but I’m pretty happy that it won. It’s cute without being cloying. Its concept is clever and creative. The color scheme is simple yet bright and vibrant. All in all, good stuff, and a deserving print. Congrats!

I don’t know about this bird. But if I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away. I don’t know where my soul is. I don’t know where my home is.

I wonder if that really is a coded message of some sort.

No one would get it?

You don’t know ANYONE who knows what “nests” and “blueprints” are?

The perspective of the design trips me out.

I would try to distance myself from anyone unable to understand a shirt this simple.

I admire his pluck to build in the current housing market.