I am very tempted to get this, it’s adorable. I’m on the fence with this.

Hmmm… That is a nice touch to the whole thing.

Not really a shirt I’d buy, but everything seems really thought out.

Good stuff.

Meet the Certhilauda burra.

This lark in the shirt is clearly South African.

And besides, if it wasn’t a lark the pun wouldn’t work.

My advice, for what it’s worth (not much): Imagine that it is five years from now. If you don’t buy this shirt, will you wish you had? Probably. Do your future self a favor.

i hope not - or he’ll likely find out three essential twigs are missing and backordered.

Hi Everybody!

I’m Adrian…aka FiveDoorSVT. I sent my personal info into shirt.woot…maybe they’ll take a minute and update my bio on the main page.

This is only my fourth shirt entry in as many weeks. I was really excited to see i got a win!

Thanks to everybody who voted for me!

And if you can’t decide on whether or not to buy a shirt, remember that for every shirt you buy, a birdollar is donated to Obitats for Ornithology.

He didn’t draw the blueprints himself, obviously. He got 'em from some loon who was hawking them outside the twig-store. And now that he sees how complicated it was, he really egrets it, but there;s no use grousing about it. His wife’s quite a gull, and she’ll be crowing to all the other chicks when he’s finished.

Yes, I realized I made my friends and family sound stupid - sorry loved ones. It’s the random people who would be staring at my chest that would make it awkward to wear this shirt.

While we’re on this, I’d like to point out that this shirt’s title is a pun, unlike the joke in yesterday’s shirt.

Yeah, but you’re gonna have people staring at your chest with almost any design. Unless you wear plain t-shirts. Who wants to do that?

Not me.

If his wife likes it that much, she shouldn’t duck helping him out. One will never finish the nest as quick as toucan.

Thanks! I went ahead and bought it and I think I lit up ND. Yay!

Go for it!

You’re sure it’s not a European swallow…I mean…lark.

hee hee. although the last line obliges me to say:

“That’s enough”, said the man waving away the buzzards. “I think it’s dead now.”

Still, you certainly live up to your name.

A cute one. The designer exercised creative license on the color. If it makes you smile, it’s a buy.

As is standard with putting a DIY kit together, Wren Höek inexplicably ended up with an extra part that seemed to go nowhere.

They’re taking terns. Or maybe she went to borrow a crane from their cuckoo neighbor, Jay.

It ain’t over until the woodpecker sings.