that’s because random people’s impedance does not match.

Since im off to architecture school on sunday, and i was thrilled by this derby, and i would have given this shirt a hundred votes if i could have, my only dilemma is how many to buy?

Congrats on the print, Adrian! As for the bio, that’s pretty much the kind all the artists get.

he’s still asleep , he’s a night owl.

Is anyone else worried the design is too small? For a shirt with this amount of detail, I don’t want people to have to get that close to my chest to appreciate the art.

Ren and Stimpy?

I am really tempted on this the more I think about it. Hoping my last woot shirt shows up today so I can double-check something on sizing before I order.

Wanted to say, the blueprints reminded me of spending time with my dad building things :slight_smile:

Well, on that note, I guess I’ll stop warbling before someone else eggs me on.

Really, I’m done.

I wouldn’t want you-owl to think I’m a raven loony. I wouldn’t want to wind up in the booby hatch.

Okay. Now I’m done.


Great shirt, I hate that I’m out of money :frowning:


Ah, got it under control. Not another peep out of me tonight!

This is a great looking shirt…

Does anyone else get Birdhouse in your Soul by They Might Be Giants stuck in your head when you see this?

I didn’t until I read that post. Great song. Great song

Nothing against this particular shirt design, but…

LESS CUTE, PLEASE, WOOT! No more Pikachu creatures, no more cuddly cartoon animals, no more winky puns and awwwww moments.

first buy in a long long time.

Oh the bird puns… :smiley:

Will this look weird on a shirt? Like that perspective? Something just tells me it won’t look right?

Congrats fivedoorsvt! Really cute and clever design.

Well, there’s nothing particularly complicated depth-wise in the design. Nothing that couldn’t be replicated with a pointy stick and some loose dirt. Even I, who can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, can draw a fairly convincing cube, so I don’t think printing will be an issue.

This must be a girl bird. Never known a man to read the assembly instructions.