Lasko 20" High Velocity Floor Fan



This fan blows.


We have one of these to keep air moving in our shop at work. It’s a pretty serious piece of machinery. I’d be careful using it in your home, it may blow over your knick-knacks.



Beware of flying knick-knacks. They may give your paddy a wack.


I had one of these fans, the motor housing sprang a leak and flung lubricating grease all over. You might say the $hit hit the fan.


That would be a good time to put your Neato robotic vacuum to good use.


Got one of these. I wanted to replace/supplement my cheapo noname wallmart fan. This one is so much better. It is much much quieter. My wife lets me leave it on all the time so our a/c bill is lower. The old one is relegated to the elliptical exerciser (also wooted). These are great fans. Quieter on high than the cheap one on low.


$55 with free shipping at Amazon… sooo normal price.


Don’t think that is the same model number. At least when I searched, I could not find this exact model

I hate products with all these small differences - it is impossible to find the exact model to compare.


I bought this fan from woot last time it was offered. It has three settings and we usually use 1 or 2 because 3 is really powerful and very loud. I mostly use it to move cool air from another part of the apartment into the bedroom but on the 1st setting it’s also nice white noise to sleep to. I would definitely recommend it.


Got mine Friday. Way to go on the rocket shipping Woot! Thank you. So far, we’re VERY impressed. This thing is like to blow clothes off if left on high. Wish we’d had it when my hubby was stage mgr for Johnny Winter a couple weeks ago. His rider stipulates a designated fan at his feet … that might have been funny!