Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater

last pic shows it on the table next to flammable papers…it’s ok though because it’s not even on. More of a conversation piece.

on the cheap

I always check prices elsewhere, esp

oops, your link didn’t go to the product, just the amazon homepage

Currently $15 on Amz, so this is a reasonable bargain.

88* here today though, so I believe I’ll take a pass.

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I’ve seen the same ceramic heater at my local Target for a dollar more. It’s not a bad heater by any means at all, but this far into the year I doubt many people are actually salivating to buy one just to hold on to until next winter.

FYI this is one of The Wirecutter’s picks: The 8 Best Space Heaters of 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter

I have one, but bought another one just because. If you miss it here, it’s not a lot more elsewhere, as linked from that Wirecutter article:

(Feel free to remove their affiliate code)

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You obviously don’t work in an office that is kept cold enough to grow icicles off our noses.

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Haha! In that case, I will give you that one. Touche’ to you ThunderThighs!

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My company will be mailing out a monthly magazine which has a whole section about every day buttons in the upcoming issue, including those which are placebo buttons.

It talks about placebo thermostats in the workplace. :wink:

cold workers are more productive workers

Shivering doesn’t help with typing.

probably still faster than if you were warm and cozy

I’m in a smallish windowless room with one other person.

By my desk is a broken radiator and thermostat, while behind me is a portable heater which is often set to high, which I guess would be over 82 (since, if you press the button to lower the temperature, it goes to 82 or so).

Not sure what ‘cold’ is.

Oh, you’d be quite comfortable in my offices. Everyone complains when it’s warmer than 70* (winter or summer). So I keep a little heater under my desk which is on pretty much all year long.

Not enough snakes in the office though.

Plenty right outside the back door though. :snake:

Offer to pay for relocation, and we’ll talk. :laughing: