Lasko Fan Combo Pack

Ooh, the clipstick can keep you cool during those 3 day woot-offs!

I got this the last time it was offered and find it even more comfortable than the Dyson fan. It moves serious air without ever feeling uncomfortable. I may take this opportunity to buy another.

Here it was last time

I’m still looking for a vornado style fan. This definitely isn’t it.

If you’re looking for a steady subtle breeze to gently move air around your house, this is the perfect fan for you.

I bought the last one Woot had. I like it.

The main unit has 3 speeds. The lowest of which isn’t too loud which was important for me. The highest is louder obviously, but not terribly so (slightly louder than my ceiling fan on high). The oscillation isn’t very…wide. But it’s fine for me, I rarely use it. The timer is cool, it can do 1,2,4,5,6, and 7 hours by using combinations of 1,2,4hr settings. The remote works well, needs two AAA batteries. Overall, I have had tower fans that can move a little more air, but this thing is definitely fine for me (I use it at around 10’ away from me at night), not too harsh and still good air movement.

The desktop unit isn’t overly large. I haven’t tried the mount thing, it has no place on my desk at home or work really. It is kind of loud, it just has a noise to it, it’s not from the motor itself it seems like. It becomes white noise that you don’t really notice after a bit though. Pushes a moderate amount of air. It’s nice on mondays when the AC in my side of the office doesn’t kick on. It keeps some air circulating.

We’ve got 2 Lasko uprights like this one. One has been running almost 24/365 for over 5 years and has never had any problems other than it’s started to squeak when it’s on oscillate about 3 months ago. The other is used for a few hours daily and hasn’t had any problems either. The best quality fan for the money out there!

Does anyone know the color of the power cord, i.e. white or black?

The specs say “(1) 19” Clip Stik Tabletop Fan"
But I believe it is 9 inch

I got Finally Mine this Week (July 16) (From the Last June 11 Woot Deal).
This Tower Fan is really Convenient Takes Up Very little Space.(i have Mine in a Corner. I Find it Extremely Quiet. (Compared to the Typical Blade Rotary Fans)

The other smaller “Clip on Fan” is Really Neat I have mine Attached to My Computer Desk, and I can Angle it in many Directions, I have it point towards my Face.

Tower Fans …Work Differently From Ordinary Rotary Blade Fans.
They Have a Vertically Position Tubular “Turbine Like Cylinder” with Fins" which has a Motor At the base…The Motor Spins and causes the Tubular Turbine to Emit a Cool Steady Air Flow… this Design also tends to make the fan very Quiet whilst its Operating.

This is a Very Good deal, I have seen this Combo Fan for Much More n other Sites.
And with a Brand Like LASKO your are sure to Get many Years of Service from it. (I have an old Lasko Floor Cyclone Fan that is 5yrs old and still Working fine)

I Highly recommend this Deal ! :slight_smile:

Checked the thread from last time. Here’s hoping I don’t get an issue with mine. I’ve been having some bad luck lately with ordering items (not from here) and having them being defective or different from the description.

Mine - from the last time it was offered - is black.

Yep, we got it wrong. According to the Lasko site, it’s 10.5".

Thanks for pointing that out.

UPDATE: The buyer checked it out. It’s 10.5" without the clip. It’s 19" with the clip. Hope that clears it up.

I got these the last time they were offered. I love them. I have the tower fan in my kitchen where it does a fine job keeping the counter and island area cool while taking up much less space than the traditional fan I was using before. It will also be much easier to store in the winter. It’s great for where I’m using it but it is a bit rattly when oscillating so I don’t know that I’d want to use it in a bedroom.

I have the desk fan on, well, my desk. It works well for keeping the rather airless corner ventilated although it is a bit loud close up and I turn it off or on low when I need to talk on the phone. I had hoped to use the clip to attach the fan sideways from the edge of a bookcase so it wouldn’t take up desk space, but apparently the clip works most effectively when used to support the fan vertically.

Overall, I’m very happy with both fans. They were a great deal compared to other sites, although I did see the tower fan recently at a brick and mortar store for about the same price, but it was the tower fan only rather than the combo. I really hope that Woot will offer a pedestal version of this fan at some point - I’d love to have one for my dining room.

Just want to note since we’re working really hard on speeding up shipping: the first one got lost in transit somewhere and may still be touring the US. We sent you another when we were unable to make it behave. Sorry it took so long for it to receive it though and glad you like it.

can the clipfan be mounted under the table? with all the equipment under my desk, my loins are the ones that needs the most cooling

I got my tower fan from Woot a few weeks ago. I’m impressed with how quiet it is. I use it in the bedroom and appreciate the remote so I can adjust it as needed without getting out of bed.

This does a great job. I recommend it highly!

Let’s not forget the Post-menopausal hot flashing woman you love!! Fans are GREAT for improving ones nights . . .and days.

Just ordered one. I love these things! Really helps the AC work more efficiently which means lower electric bills!

Ugh, Woot can you please provide product models on the individual components of the fan next time? I gave up the last time this was offered, and spent 10 minutes looking for manuals this time. Talk about a Pain in the ass.

I’m 99% sure these are the correct fans though. As always Upped to Google.Docs for easy viewing.

Here is the Clip Stick 10.5" Fan Manual Model#4006

36" Remote Controlled Tower Fan Manual. Model#2510

I purchased this Lasko fan combo in the last Woot offer. It is my second Lasko fan purchase. I love my other Lasko tower fan (different model #) but after two years it quit rotating - but it still gives a powerful stream of air. That has not been my experience with this particular model of Lasko tower fan. It rotates well but the airstream is not powerful and does not even provide much comfort when you sit directly in front of it - much less across the room. However, I love the desk unit and it is the best desk fan I’ve ever had.