Lasko Fan Combo Pack

Drat! Five dollars cheaper than what I paid when they offered it the other day. Bah humbug!

why not. i already bought monkeys

Just bought this from woot on Friday!!

I bought this a few days ago and got it today. It is extremely quiet and very cool. I am very pleased with this fan

need a solid review before I pull the trigger

Previous discussion generally indicates that this is a good product and a good deal. Sales prior to that one have had similar comments. I have thought about this multiple times, but really need a table fan rather than a tower fan.

Please don’t fail me Woot… the kids swiped my good fan for their room when theirs died and I really need a good fan for my room. Husband is iffy about a tower fan but I’m going to trust in Woot and give this one a try.

Please, if someone has one of these, tell me if it does a decent job of moving the air around in a medium sized bedroom? I won’t be quite as worried about a woot fail in the face of the husband then.

Does anyone know if the small fan is cord or battery operated? If battery, what type of battery? I see that the remote is powered by AAA batteries.

They list a cord length for the clip one so I would guess it is A/C power, not battery.

has this set for 49.88. This sounds like a good deal!

I believe it was that price the other day. I used a old coupon to get it five cheaper from a ssoc

The box says that it has a tabletop fan too and some of the stuff looks like it was opened before including the fan… I question about this being a new product.

Just wanted to come back and review my purchase. I would give it 4.7/5 stars.

The good:

  • Is VERY quiet for being a tower fan. The table to one is quiet as well

  • The table top fan is a good size and has good power for me to use at my desk.

  • No broken pieces and all things were included

  • Tower part is very powerful and delivers an continuous flow of air.

The bad:
-The packaging was terrible, it arrived opened and ripped. Although the contents were still intact and functioning a nicer box would be appreciated.

  • The only gripe about the fan is the oscillation radius is not as big as I would like. Has about a 80-90 degree turning radius. Wish there was more.

Overall I am very happy. And wished I bought another one.