Lasko Fan Combo Pack

I can vouch for this combo pack. The fan is quite and generates a powerful steady stream of flowing air. Includes a remote. The bonus fan you get is amazing. It is perfect for work or at home in the room. It is powerful for how small it is. I would buy another combo pack if I needed one.

got this last wootoff.
love the small one sits next to hubby and i get to keep my big one on me.

Ordered when it was offered a few weeks ago. Works really well. I was pleasantly surprised at the power of the desk unit, perfect for a closet-mini office conversion.

Similar/Same Fan (only the tower) has pretty poor reviews on Amazon for burning out or getting noisy after a few months of operation

I’m mad about this woot off!!! It’s a school night and I just happen to have a 730am class on Tuesday so I must sleep! Next woot off on the weekend please! :slight_smile:

OK I bought this a short time ago and here is my quick review. The tall fan is quiet, works as it should and does move a fair amount of air. It is better for room air movement rather than forced air exchange such as cooling a house at night but it still gets that job done. The small fan is not too loud but doesn’t move much air. This fan is not good for mounting or sitting on a windowsill since the inputs for air are in awkward positions but I actually still use it for that since I have no other fan that is small enough for my bedroom window. All in all I am happy and it was money well spent.

Bought this from Woot a few weeks ago, and we love it! The large unit kept our network server room tolerable during last week’s Seattle heat wave, and the little unit was a pleasant and powerful surprise. Worth it at twice the price, IMO.

I’ve had the larger fan for a couple of years and it works very well. I paid almost twice as much; this is a good price.

I’ve been running the tower fan almost constantly since late June (when Chicago’s heat wave started) and it’s still powerful and very quiet.

Also, the description says that you can set the timer for 1, 2, or 4 hours, but you can actually set it for any number of hours from 1 to 7. As you press the button, you’ll see the LEDs light up in combinations for 3, 5, 6, and 7.

We got this fan combo a few Woots back and it is AWESOME! I’d buy another one but payday is over a week away so the Household CFO would be unhappy. And I don’t like when she is unhappy.

I bought this fan combo about a month ago. So far, the tall fan has been running great and runs quiet. It also comes with a remote, whish is awesome for those moments when you are too lazy to get out bed. The smaller fan runs well too and the clip it comes with, allows it to attach to desks and book shelves which gives you more surface area. Well worth the money!

Best fan I’ve ever used. Powerful, yet quiet. Remote control is a nice luxury. The small fan is also good quality. I have it in the bathroom near the sink as it always gets warm in there from the hot water in the shower. I may just buy another for a Christmas or wedding gift. At this price, you can’t go wrong.