LAST CALL: Beauty Tools & Bathroom Items

Ah, the Boston Robes are wonderful! Do your Christmas shopping now!

Anyone have a review of the AromaButter Trios? Recommendation on the fragrances?

I have the Boston robe in red and it is so soft and luxurious! It’s been washed and dried and didn’t lose any of it’s softness or color. Get one now!

What size should a plus lady who wears a 2x men’s t-shirt order?

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference in the sizes.

I’m about 5’8" and wear a men’s XL. I ordered the Large/XL robe the first time. IT WAS HUGE! The sleeves went down to my knees… or so it seemed. I ordered the SM/Medium the next time and am quite happy with it.

It’s unisex so keep that in mind when thinking about sizes.

I got the Small/Medium and it is plenty roomy.

It really is amazingly soft. Came out of dryer feeling like a newborn kitten (not that I’ve ever dried a newborn kitten).

Thanks for feedback and I’m very glad I pulled the trigger on this one.