LAST CALL: Kitchen Gadgets & More

I’m thrilled that the Beertender is back. I had gotten one off of woot a few months ago and immediately modified it with the EdgeStar conversion kit so that I could use it with other mini kegs and it’s been working so well that I wanted to get a couple for my brothers and pop so that they can enjoy them as well.

I know that these things have had a history of quitting working, but the reason why is because they are made with cheap chinese parts, and the capacitors will fail, but replacing them on the power board really isn’t all that hard if you know basic soldering skills…

Say, if you want to use the BeerTender on more then 2 brands, I found a good deal on the EdgeStar conversion kit and posted it on

Also included the link on how to do the conversion…

So if I buy “Primula PTRBB-2340 Set of 3 Tempo Teapots - Red, Blue & Black” does that mean i get 3 teapots? Because i do know a couple people who could use one if that’s the case. B)

Yes, it comes as a set of 3 in one box.