LAST CALL: Make Your Food Feel Pretty!

Ok, can someone, anyone explain to me WHAT is the difference between the BuiltNy Express lunch bag in Pop Dot & the Rambler lunch bag in Pop Dot? Other than the product names & that the Rambler had a higher original listing price than the Express, for some reason - I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how else they differ!
“One of these things is not like the other.”
It’s driving me mad. All of their specs & descriptions are the same! I mean I guess one could argue that they might look slightly shaped different… maybe. But their dimensions match, so how could that be???
Can YOU spot the difference?
Please, someone end the insanity!

The picture of the Rambler bag shows a magenta gusset whereas the Express shows a dark purple gusset (bag bottom). However, the picture of the Express bag used on Woot is the picture Amazon uses for the Rambler bag. I say take your chances (Amazon price is still almost $20) I have 3 BUILT lunch bags that I love because they stand up to abuse and neglect.