Last Call On Odds & Ends

JosephJoseph, so nice they had to name it twice!..though it’s not “nice” for us dyslexics. For you mothers out there (OH, that doesn’t sound right) suffering from dyslexia, there’s a new support group, DAM, Mothers Against Dyslexia.

Curses! I’ve been waiting on that Cuisinart 2qt ice cream maker for a long time! Is this really last call, or might there be another sale in the future? Please??

Here now! Bad form, sellout Woot to dangle a sale in front of those of us who are easily convinced and then the majority of the items are sold out. Most days I loiter on the Woot sites, feverishly clicking from one site to the next waiting for a woot-off or a Krampus sighting. Today I decided to reaquaint myself with daylight and look what happens! Harrumph!

5 bucks more here. Just FYI

Its like the sharper image in here…

All I want is the knife block, not the knives. What are the odds, Woot?