Last Flight Home

Aww! I like it!

So freaking happy this made it. I voted for it both times. I’m happier it made it to EC.

I’ll be home for Christmas?

So, do the snowflakes also charge you for carry on baggage?

Lovely design, very nice choice, staffers!

Reminds me of Mary Poppins! I like it.

What they don’t mention is that snowflake is about fifty feet tall and will crush his house when it lands.

Yes!! Thank you!! This might be my new favorite shirt.woot design ever. Very emphatically in for one, even though it’s probably not the best financial decision I’ve ever made. Great design…thanks for reaching down and snagging it even though it didn’t get enough votes.

What’s in the box?

Science proves that there are no two snowflakes exactly alike. I spy with my little eye four of the same snowflakes on this design. I call blasphemy.

Looks like that guy from the “Son of Man” painting caught a flight home for Christmas. I hope they give him a new face for the holiday.

Wonder if he went with the pat-down or the body scan.

At least the cold should mean he won’t have to pick bugs out of his teeth when he arrives!

What you don’t see is the guys face twisted in horror as the giant snow flake takes him to some distant place in Siberia where snowflakes are naturally that large.

Ah, tonight we have the whimsical choice…and a handy suggested mode of travel to avoid airport delays and intrusions, but mostly a nice shirt that while not long sleeved enough to ward off the cold still manages to induce warm holiday feelings. Nice.

That’d be nice. You wouldn’t need a full body pat down to board a snowflake.

not to be a party pooper but I hope he melts. It’s supposed to be 2 degrees F here this time tomorrow & I don’t like it.

Snowball anti-air cannons lay in wait.

It appears that the streams of wind are searching him thoroughly.

Can you parallel park a snowflake?