Last minute opinion - Rhinoliner or Line-X


I am bringing my truck in for a spray-in liner tomorrow. I have an appointment set up for a Rhinoliner.

I know someone who has a Line-X liner and he is very happy. He said that they took his gate off and sprayed individual pieces, as needed. Sounds like they did it properly and he has coverage all over.

When I called Rhinoliner to set up the appointment, they asked if I wanted to include the “rails” or not. I have rails, so I said, “no.” He said he would spray below the rails then. I am just hoping that the coverage will be up to the rails without gaps. Can they remove the rails, spray and then put the rails back on?

Both of them are comparable in price. Line-X was $475 and Rhinoliner was $485. I chose to go with Rhinoliner just because it was a better known name brand.

Anyone have any experience with either type in case I should be changing my appointment to go with Line-X?


I have the Rhino and love it. I went ahead and had them spray on top of the rails also. essentially this brings the coating over top of the truck bed. I like it this way since I have a hard cap on mine and it takes away from rubbing the paint. It also takes away any worry of hauling stuff and having it run the top of the bed. I hope this helps. I have had mine for 4 1/2 years and it still looks great. I would do it again in a heart beat. And for the little extra cost of going above the rails, it was worth it to me.


Okay…I actually went outside to take a picture.

I hear what you say about spraying on the rails, but I have this thing in 4 places on my rails - 2 on each side:

What is it for? Will I ever need access to it? (Don’t laugh at me, I am a girl and clueless about this kind of stuff.)

We will never get a “cap” for the truck, but we may get a snap down cover. Am I destroying that possibility if I spray on top of the rails and those rectangular things?


Those are for mounting a ladder rack or stake sides. Have them remove the plugs and mask the hole before they spray, then put them back when done. They can probably also give the tops of the plugs a light spray as well so they match in color.

Chances are you’ll never need to use them. (Some camper inserts, the bigger ones, use them for tie-downs, but that’s not common.)

(Edit: The spray-on liners are great. I used a similar product from the do-it-your-ownself aisle at Pep-Boys. Was easy to apply, and has held up to all kinds of abuse – firewood, loads of mulch and stone, even moving a 100-year old upright grand piano…)


Ah, ok.

Well, there is no danger that I will become a carpenter or contractor any time soon.

And I am definitely not a camper. Safe there…

We have a 2003 Tundra. We bought the truck without the liner because it was in the color we wanted and we wanted to take it home that day. Stupid, I know. Now that the thing is finally paid off, we decided to use what we would be using as a monthly payment to improve on it. We did the brakes last month. This month will be the liner.

Other people who have had drop-in plastic liners have said that if the bed cracks and water gets underneath it, the bed will rust out. So spray-in is a no-brainer.


Truck is Phantom Gray, go with black spray liner? I can get almost any color.


You bet. It’ll look sharp. If you already have the plastic rail covers, don’t sweat asking them to not spray them. They’ll spray all the way up behind them and you won’t see a gap at all. It’ll look great based on the jobs I’ve seen. (And the Rhino coating is really, really thick too, so it’s hard to wear it out or harm it.) And, they’ll touch it up if you do manage to cut it somehow.


I feel better. Thanks. Yeah, they said lifetime guarantee. How cool is that? You don’t realize what kind of crap I carry back there.

Now if I can get them to make it watertight to make it a mobile swimming pool for the summer. :wink:


Poofguy’s Dakota is dark gray and he got the black Rhino. I think it looks great. He didn’t have the rails sprayed.


with the plastic on the rails, for sure don’t do the rails. I did my rails and it looks great, but then again I have a black truck, and the black on grey will look great. I’ve seen the Line-X stuff as well, it looks pretty much the same, and around the same thickness, so it doesn’t matter much.


Got a Rhino liner installed last week…black looks great with my gray paint, and doesn’t require annual UV coating like the colors do. I went under the rail, and have aluminum rail covers on the top.


Just my two cents about the picture that you posted. I have those on my truck at work. I’ve popped those plastic covers out before when I need to tie things down. I drive a Ford and it has holes in the side of the bed underneath those plastic covers. They really work well to run rope through.

So, they’re not only for racks or stake sides. The holes that are covered up, not the covers.


Wow. Thanks everyone.

Definitely going to keep my appointment tomorrow with Rhinoliner.

I am still debating the spray on top or under the rails thing. I think if it is $50 or less additional to do them, I’ll do them.

And for sure, you’ve talked me into the black.

I thought about a matching gray, but I just carried a lawnmower that leaked a little bit of oil in the bed and I’ve taken a grill to the dump and grease has gotten on the bed. I would hate for the gray to stain…so black it is!


Gray and black will always work. Trying two of the same color is always a risk.
Did you ever try to open the doors to see what was behind them?


You mean those rectangular things?

Yeah, like czar said, it is just access to below the rail and into the bed.


Are those the basic prices. I’ve got an S-10 and everytime I try to call or ask about their prices they dance around and NEVER give me even a ball park estimate. This is at a line-x in Knoxville, TN. I’ve decided I won’t go there.
Plus, I currently have a plastic bed liner and I have a feeling that it’s a little rusty (no holes or anything) underneath there. Is that a problem? Will they spray over it or charge me more to sand and everything?


I’m no expert, but if there is lots of rust, then they will charge you a little more.

BUT they are supposed to sand it down anyway, so I doubt they would charge you much more, if any.


You consider getting the brakes done an improvement? That is scary.
White rocks in the garden…getting the brakes fixed is an improvement…the more I know, the scarier you get!


Okay, it is done! It is nice, but a lot shinier than I thought it would be. They said it would dull down a bit, but you can buy some special spray if you want it to be continually shiny.

As for the rust issue, I had rust on my silver hardware. They were really nice, they put rust inhibitor on the hardware, and sprayed it silver. It looks like new hardware. (The place that did the Rhinoliner is also a detailer so I guess I got a little something for free.)

When I asked them how I should prep the bed, they said just to broom sweep it.

You should be able to get an accurate quote, I would think. You may need to bring it down to show them your old liner. Maybe if you removed your old liner, you could save yourself some money.

I was expecting a bill for $485, but it was $465 because I chose not to spray over the rails.


It looks great!.. and you have white rocks in your garden??