Last Post: Admiral Peglegs Den of Decadence and Carefree Frollicking!

Welcome back! Congratulations to Shektek for pulling out the last post!

I am pleased to say that today I had donut holes for a snack… MMMM YUM!

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first last post!

Second! Las tPost. But it’s SKEK, not SHEK :slight_smile:

Third last post by the real kenney9226!

I guess that gives me the fourth last post. This is what I get for letting you all close out the last post while I’m in bed! sigh

Glad you enjoyed it Skek Tek

Woah - 5th last post. I’m out for the night actually - everyone have a good one.


Made my day. The previous set of LP and PWA closings I was busy, so I totally missed the feeding frenzy. It was worth it even if I hadn’t taken the Cartman Prize.


Last post before the lovely Mrs. kenney9226 calls me down to the basement to turn on the TV for her.

:slight_smile: Last Post

foul! foul! It’s just because I have it all hooked up and the universal remote doesn’t work one of the components and she knows it makes me feel all manly when I get to do it for her.

Minus 2 cool points for you, but you still have my and the lovely Mrs. kenney9226’s votes for your cool shirt, although I don’t know her password and thus can’t threaten to remove her vote anyway.

sigh, your whippin’ blue smiley’s prolly right and I just can’t admit it. I’m going to go cry now.

last pos t.

Aw, kenney, ya know we’re both in the same boat, dude… Our women are the best part of our lives, although we tend to poopoo it in a manly way. Here, have a P90…


sniff sniff what is with all the testosterone in here?


Sorry, just some male bonding. Happens occasionally when the sun goes down.

As long as you either lock the door or leave the lights on, I guess I can deal with it.

:slight_smile: All because I put a whip smiley when kenney said he had to go help his wife with the TV… sigh.

Hijacked on the first page???

l a
s t
p o
s t

ahh, it’s okay. I’d rather hang out with a group of guys in here any day. No offense dname, you are welcome in my world too!


Night folks, the drugs are starting to kick in, I’m going to not fight them…

Last Post.

Mmmm happy make you well drugs, I hope they work!

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last post!