Last Post Episode III: Revenge of the Post


I think we broke it… I was getting a 500 error, so I’d go back and hit the button again, and now it’s just perpetually adding my post. Like, it keeps reloading the “adding your post” page.

If it’s over, the last I saw was dontwantaname, so congratulations! I shall continue my motivation from losing 2 in a row now…


last post


by choice of czar, who we’ll let stand, since he’s the czar (and we pissed him off), pbl’s is the new official last post thread… this one is hereby abandoned (and i claim last post :wink:)


early morning
last post


We should use this one if we do it, because jqubed got screwed out of last post twice now.

BUT what is the use if we can’t find out who got last post?




slap post


How about, I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 100. jq and pbl each choose one number and the closest to the number will be the last post forum we’ll use.

As for me last night, the last post I saw posted was my post. So, it’s hard to know who got it, even though I think I saw a pic of d’name on page 214.

jq and pbl, guess your number.




(shrug) Whichever one is the one everyone migrates to, I’m going to post in the other one, because there, my post will be lastest longest.


high hopes



oooh, has pblgov picked his #?

I like this place.




not unless he pm’d it to czar…


A long and winding road of post to still go


hmm, maybe i better get a first page in on my last post thread…


last post. first page.


There aren’t enough posts for a whole page yet, are there?

last post


last post. last page. last last post thread.


Oh…whatever…wth are you saying?

First Page!!!

last post