LAST POST GAME: Cuz one is never enough

Ah, that’s because you’re seeing it from the edge of the event horizon…


Oh . . . the . . . uh . . . rim . . . . as it were . . . .LP

I didn’t say it…


last Post. off to find coffee

Did the search end in success? Any left??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Last Post.

You feeling quiet today? :frowning:

mumble mumble.


Plaster Laster.

9 more posts until i reach my goal.

“I see a last post risin’; I see some trouble in the thread . . .”


" . . . and no one’s postin’ las’ 'cept Mama Cass . . ."

HUH? Mama Cass is here?
last confused post.

or something…

Indifferent… Last Post!

first last post after a probationed sniffer!

Sniffer got the dog? what for? The political thread?

I don’t know. I don’t know the shiffer that well, but he played along for themost part in my complete silence thread, so he must be halfway decent!

last psot!