LAST POST GAME: Cuz one is never enough

It’s called Last Posting in the thread for last posts :slight_smile:

Last TOP Post.

Only it’s ass is dead.

Only if it comes back to THIS side of the black hole… It’s still alive on the other side


Sure looks like it’s still on this side of the worm hole to me! Lithp potht

Ah, that’s because you’re seeing it from the edge of the event horizon…


Oh . . . the . . . uh . . . rim . . . . as it were . . . .LP

I didn’t say it…


last Post. off to find coffee

Did the search end in success? Any left??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Last Post.

You feeling quiet today? :frowning:

mumble mumble.


Plaster Laster.

9 more posts until i reach my goal.

“I see a last post risin’; I see some trouble in the thread . . .”


" . . . and no one’s postin’ las’ 'cept Mama Cass . . ."

HUH? Mama Cass is here?
last confused post.

or something…

Indifferent… Last Post!