LAST POST GAME: Cuz one is never enough


last post

yep. that’s me… i only vote for hotness designs, like evryone else…


possible last post…not likely though :slight_smile:

last post

Last Post, from someone who is “enjoying” 94 degree heat and 100 heat index in South Jersey in September…



last post till it quits raining. why does the south send it’s rain here?

At least it’s probably not 100 degree heat index there…

You had the last post for 6 hours. Mine now…


25 minutes…good enough

last post

it stopped raining ! last post till it starts again.

Last post until it… oh now.


I am last posting in the mornign!

Last Post

Hope the coffee kicks in soon, terri.


Happy late birthday, Terri!!

Last PSto

as they said in Ghostbusters 2 when the Titanic rolls up at the dock, “Better Late than Never…”

Last Dead Post.


seems to be working.

Last Posting

I myself am fighting off a bout of nausea. Got a new thermos cup yesterday on clearance. It’s a coffee-press type, so I loaded it up with loose tea leaves, and put the plunger down to drink. Guess the plunger let a bunch of leaves through since I took a sip and got a mouthful. Didn’t do my mouth or stomach any good, and now I’m… ugh.

Last Post while I change offices and try not to think of tea for a while…

That’s horrible!

last post

Ugh… that is so true.


Hi! Maybe you are pregnant?